Android Central custom keyboard

So, just a few hours ago Phil showed us some custom themes for the HTC_IME keyboard. I know you readers love to support us, so I figured I would make a sweet Android Central keyboard to share with all of you! The install of the keyboard is rather easy, and goes as follows. Note: Your phone does NOT have to be rooted to do this.

  • Download this file (Android_Central_Keyboard.apk, ~4 megabytes), and install with your favorite file browser.
  • Go to Settings then Language & Keyboard > Check HTC_IME mod
  • Open a text entry area, long press anywhere, select input method, and select HTC_IME mod
  • Enjoy your new keyboard, and show it off to all your friends!

Hope you all enjoy this keyboard as much as I am, and if you come up with your own Android Central creations, we would love to see them in the forums!

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What, Hello Kitty wasn't cool enough for you? :p Well done, Jared!

patch8908 says:

Does this work on the Eris?

furuo says:

I'll make one for android central.. :)
Give me a few mins.

furuo says:

Actually check that its alot work.

sjcea says:

Worked great on the Nexus One !! Thanks, would love to get this to work with the smart keyboard pro that I use

thai6688 says:

Can't get it to work on Droid Eris (Stock)....errr!!!! Not fair :(

brak014 says:

It looks great but i am just way too much used to my Swype keyboard

thebizz says:

Looks good just as functional as stock like the theme will rock this one for awhile :-)

thai6688 says:

anyone else try this on droid eris?

kbaker says:

Dose not work on Droid Eris - it will download and act as if it will, but then it will not pop up as your keyboard

Hatespawn says:

It downloads and installs on the Eris just fine. However, when selected as the input method it is HUGE. It literally takes up the entire screen with the left half of the qwerty. Eris w/ 2.1.

Channan says:

LOVE IT! Can finally return in Messaging app. And I love all the settings. Much better and better looking than stock keyboard. Thanks so much! Will be using this for a long time.

EDIT: But please get rid of the hide keyboard button. I don't want smilies there and hiding the keyboard is as redundant as search buttons on the screen when there is a dedicated hardware search button. We can use the back key to hide the keyboard, and moving the # button back to the left could make the space bar bigger (I'm always hitting the period on accident).

But other than these issues, the keyboard is fantastic.

Simer03 says:

Worked on the Nexus.....thanks! though i use Swype, i still keep HTC's keyboard on my phone in case i decide to change my mind! :) might as well have a custom skin on it from my favorite Android insiders!

Works on MOTO droid :-)

having problems on the droid eris 2.1 only half of it appears other half is off the screen

Kage87Z says:

Awesome! Nice look!

kaktus1 says:

I can't get this to work on my sprint HTC hero. I download it and it won't install. Sux. Stock. 1.5 bleh.

Hey just found out that this version is for high res screens like the droid and the nexus for the more common phones that have a smaller screen it wont work you have to get the low res version im going to ask the guy who made it if he can make a low res version of some of these

Wow guys thanks for this AC keyboard. All the setting are just crazy great. I actually think this keyboard has better prediction but that may just be me. But anyway great job and thanks!!

droideris says:

totally using this if you guys give me on of those Incredibles.

Justinas says:

Hey, will it work on Android 1.5 (htc sense)?

jansenma says:

Tried to install on a Sprint HTC Hero (default ROM) but after I click on the OK button to which system resources it will need, another message pops up saying it cannot be installed on this phone.

Seems like there would be a way to make it work because Swype installed ok.

b2k007 says:

Great keyboard...very HTC-esque...but does anyone know how to turn off haptic feedback?

1Adawg says:

Nice...Just wish it worked on Eris with 1.5

rizzay1 says:

Duzn't work on my Sprint hero..

andresluque says:

Did it on my Sprint Hero and is too big for the phone I guess the resolution is too big for the Hero. Everything Worked fine except the end result.

voghan says:

Too big on my hero running 2.1 :-[

works on my moto droid

lastdetailwd says:

Please make this usable on the Sprint Hero!

Channan says:

The no auto add words toggle doesn't work. Even with it on, words still automatically get added to the dictionary. Can you fix that?

Also, if you do fix it, how would I get the update for it since it's not a market app? I'm pretty new to Android so I don't know how that works.

GOTCH4 says:

Can anyone tell us how to make it work on the mytouch 3g

BuTbKa#IM says:

Hm, cant make it work on Incredible :-/

xarophti says:

Will these work well on other phones? These came from a Motorola Droid forum. I know they're designed to emulate HTC keyboards, but...

nilsen84 says:

Looks great on my Incredible!

d1mitrov says:

hmm i downloaded the file and put it on my n1 but when i access it trough astro it just opens up a bunch of other files. i dont have an apk....

Gorilla says:

Question... With this keyboard you can't turn the vibrate feedback off... any suggestions?

CarneDeluxe says:

Doesn't work on MyTouch 3G. When I set it as the keyboard on my phone, it doesn't pull up. Even when I select it on the Input Selection in my text messaging app. Will there be an update?

XXXdc5 says:

i like the space bar haha. but the rest of the keyboard i prefer my HTC incredible stock one