Our neighbors to the north, Canada, should be happy to know that their Android offerings are about to be expanded. As expected, the LG GW620, LG's first Android device, will launch on Rogers for $49.99 with new 3-year contract. We've seen the LG Eve before and were intrigued by its social networking capabilities. Since it is on Rogers, if you somehow manage to unlock it, it'll work on AT&T 3G bands. And since AT&T has yet to officially acknowledge Android, we're sure some of you might just go do that.

In other news, there's a rumor floating around that points to Telus being the carrier that'll get the Motorola DROID. We're working on getting more details, but if this is true, it'll be huge. From what little we know about Canadian carriers, Telus is in the middle of a switch from CDMA networks to GSM networks, however, many of their new devices (iPhone 3GS, GSM HTC Hero, etc) use GSM and we're hoping that they'll get the GSM DROID. Why? Because if Telus does get the GSM version, those DROIDs will also work with AT&T 3G bands. So even with AT&T not acknowledging Android, there's potential for unlocked DROIDs on AT&T. We're still waiting for official word from Telus to give this rumor more legitimacy but in the mean time, this might be the closest you'll ever get to an AT&T DROID.

So what do you guys think? Do Canada Android users and AT&T users both win?

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Android in Canada: LG GW620 Eve to Rogers, DROID to Telus ?


So yes Telus and Bell canada have both built HSPA only networks. Therefore no 2g gsm only 3g. Bell lit up theres yesterday and Telus lights up theres today (its really the same network as they built it together and split the cost). Anyway it will be the HSPA version

finally. dont doubt the rumours my site may be new but I have been all over howardforums leaking info.

I leaked the iphone originally going to them bck in june whenever everyone thought i was crazy

i leaked the hero going to telus back in june before a cdma model was even announced by htc

Motorola rep was at telus showing it off. got confirmation by 3 different sources