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Adele won numerous awards at the Grammys about a month ago and with her official Android app, you can enjoy up-to-date info on the singer right from your pocket.

The app offers a lot for the huge or even casual Adele fan. When you open the app, you'll see changing pictures of Adele making up the background of the app and her name up top. The main options will be listed in green and with a simple swipe gesture, you'll be able to access the rest.

There are five options per page and I'll describe what each does:

  • News: Brings up an aggregated news feed, where you can see clips from her official website or her official Twitter feed
  • Music: Displays all of her music and allows you to preview each song
  • Videos: Allows you to view recent videos released by the singer. These consist of both music videos and live performances. For example, her recent show at Live at the Royal Albert Hall in London is included
  • Community: Allows you to interact with the Adele Fan Community, where people post comments and pictures
  • Live Shows: Displays information about future and past events. You can buy tickets to future performances or view photos and comments about past shows
  • About: Shows a short biography of the singer
  • Albums: Lists her albums to date, where you can view tracks and fan comments for specific albums
  • Photos: Displays several photos of the singer, which you can save and share if you wish
  • Favorites: Allows you to save data from the rest of the app in a simple list so it can easily be accessed
  • My Profile: If you're a huge Adele fan, you probably want to comment on albums or shows or post pictures. This is where you sign in, either with Twitter or Facebook, which allows you to leave posts
  • Top Users: Relating to the My Profile category, if you're posting a lot, you may find yourself rewarded by making the top users list. There are top users listed for all time, monthly, weekly and daily
  • Store: Brings you to her web store via the browser
  • Links: Displays links to Adele's official site, Facebook page and Twitter page
  • Mailing List: If you wish to receive mailings from Adele on future dates and music, you can sign up right from the app
  • Copyright: Self explanatory, just displays the copyright information

Overall, I'd say the official Adele app is really well done. I enjoy her music, but wouldn't call myself a big fan and I had a great experience exploring the app. The UI is something that definitely improves the experience. If you're a big Adele fan or just want to find out more information about the singer, check out the free app. Please find links and more screenshots after the break.

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Reader comments

Android quick app: Adele


Is AC seriously blogging this as a news story?

This story is a giant advert for a completely useless app. You know who your audience is - and you know they don't want to read this filler.

Just mark it with PAID ADVERTISEMENT like they do in print journalism so we all know what we are looking at.

Fine, if it's a review, how about not just listing the features but actually discussing something that matters. Like the permissions.

This spyware app requires access to:


Really. The Adele app needs my fine GPS? What's that for. So Adele can come and meet me somewhere? And the app can override my GPS and tell my phone I'm somewhere other than where I am. (Mock Sources) And she needs to take pics and videos for me?

That's an issue worth discussing.

Seriously the permission Nazi's are out of control lately. Everyone is so up in arms about permissions and noone has a f'ing clue what they're used for. Hint, if you want connectivity, it's going to require permissions.

Take Pictures and Videos
I'm sure this is to upload pictures to the community site? This doesn't mean it's accessing your camera roll and automatically uploading them, you need this permission for the app to launch the camera roll/camera app

Coarse (Network-Based) Location
Maybe so it can recommend if she's playing any venues near you?

Fine (GPS) Location
See above.

Mock Location Sources for Testing
Admittedly this one is a bit confusing

Read Phone State
Super common permission.

"That's an issue worth discussing."

The only issue worth discussing is why clueless newbs -- such as yourself -- feel the need to tear apart the permissions of an app without having so much as a single clue as to what they're talking about.

Why does an app that PLAYS MUSIC need to read your phone state? Oh, I dunno...maybe so it can STOP PLAYING MUSIC when you get a call? You don't think that would be handy? Really?

Adele has an amazing voice and amazing music! Thanks for this app review, happily downloading.