Unstoppable Andy

Oh, Android swag -- you gotta love it. With Android becoming increasingly popular, you had to know it was only a matter of time until people started wearing shirts to show that their blood runs green (and I don't mean over-zealous Trekkies). A running theme seems to be the epic battle between Android Andy and various minions of Apple, who have it out for the gentle giant. Well, maybe not so gentle if that building on the left (RIM?) has anything to say about it. Steve seems to be having some issues with his equipment; might we suggest a bumper? But the "Droidbuster" should be fine as long as he doesn't cross antenn... err, streams. Purchase the shirt for $19 via Google Checkout (U.S.) or PayPal (international) past the link. [Unstoppable Andy]


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'Android Andy' continues rampage; 'Droidbuster Steve' tries to stop him


I REALLY want this shirt but it's not worth $27 shipped. I know for a fact that shirt cost under $10 to make. $8 shipping? F-that. I'd pay $22 shipped max. Oh well. I'll just save the image and make a mouse pad or something.

Thats a pretty outrageous price for a shirt! Fix it!!! And they wil come!

I mean, what do we look like, mindless Apple fanboys?!

So basically Steve Jobs is the good guy (ghostbuster) and Android is the evil Marshmallow Man?

Either way, I find this "war" stupid. Both Android and iPhone are really awesome.

You know, I love my Android phone, and have no interest in an iPhone. But I find these fanboi wars (from either side!) to just be adolescent and cringe-worthy.

They're devices. Your choice (hopefully) works best for what you want to do, and the same is true for those who made a different choice. Jeez, get a life.

you can get custom made tees anywhere that does screen printing for the fraction of the cost. why not make your own personalized style tee. and be an unique..... bring the store a picture of the DROID and have them customize it....

I've heard that if the dude in the picture doesn't hold that gun a certain way, it won't fire anyway. Unless he has a case on it.