Samsung Galaxy Note 2

New interface elements and features borrowed from the Note 3 included

Samsung has stated that it's on track to have a Galaxy Gear-supporting update ready for the Galaxy Note 2 by year's end, and it looks based on a leak today that that update will also be to Android 4.3. A full build of test firmware for the international (GT-N7100) variant of the Galaxy Note 2 has leaked, giving us a look at a mid-cycle but relatively complete build.

The firmware has a new interface that draws from what's seen on the Galaxy S4 and Note 3, and includes new features like Samsung Knox and Samsung Wallet. It is said that Samsung is pretty rapidly working on the software and new builds are coming out every two days, so things are likely to change some between now and the official release.

The test firmware (build N7100XXUEMJ5) is available to be flashed on your own Note 2 provided you have the right model, and the folks at SamMobile claim that this will not increase your flash counter. If you're willing and able to flash the test build yourself, keep in mind the regular caveats of the likelihood that there are bugs and issues in the build.

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Android 4.3 test firmware for Galaxy Note 2 leaks out


The difference between the Note2 and the Note3 is the hardware and the proccessor. After the Note2 receive the 4.3 OS update, it`ll be not much of any.

I have to agree with u...the note 2 with note 3 software will hold me over till the note 4 comes out

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I'm sorry to inform you but you are incorrect. It will have all of the features. It has also been confirmed that the Note 2 will also get 4.4 KitKat along with the S4. This will be the last major update for the Note 2 and at the same time the Nexus 5 will roll out.

Why do people say "Im skipping the (insert current model, but is brand new) and I'm going to get the (next model not even out yet)? I see it all the time.

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It makes sense, if you upgrade every year you only get small upgrades, if you get it every two years it's worth the money

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Yes, but if you upgrade every year, assuming you take good care of your phone, it doesn't cost any more than waiting 2 years.

Posted via my Nexus 6 running 4.5 Lima Bean

I have an issue with your signature. Lima bean is not a yummy treat. And android is not disgusting like Lima beans

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Oh, you're one of those who live in fantasy land with subsidized (or financed) phones. Those of us who live in the real world have to pay full price (up front) for devices and see no reason to upgrade every year if we are satisfied with the phone we already have.

Not entirely true. With no subsidy a note 3 costs over $700. If you sell your Note 2 outright right now you may get $350 to $400 max in most cases if your phone is taken care off and has not been replaced with a refurbished phone. It's still a pretty good chunk of change. Plus the price on subsidized phones drops dramatically after 2-3 months. After only 3 months of release I ended up paying only $100 for my Note 2. That will never happen again as I am now going to use T-Mobile and pay up front for my phone.

Sorry Samsung. Takes too long to update. By this time next year, i will barely be getting 4.4 on my note 2 with the pace they are going. Lost me as a customer. Getting me the Nexus 5 as soon as its announced.

Posted by the man who makes things happen...

I would never have been a Samsung customer in the first place, except that I love the s pen, so I'm stuck with them until a viable alternative comes out.

No one besides nexus devices get the most up to date updates tho regardless if it's samsung, Sony, etc. I had a nexus phone and wasn't a fan, but I do like a pure Android experience for a I use my note series devices and nexus tablet .

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Samsung's updates do take a little longer, but most companies take longer or just as long. And in reality it's not samsung that holds the updates, it's manufacturers.

What are the odds we will see the Samsung Magazine feature with our 4.3 update?
I would also like the Scrapbook features as well.
Any ideas?

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I was informed by some friends that the update will come to all 4 major U.S. carriers before the end of November.

This post proves that android central people never read "send us a tip" messages. I sent my tip about this like a month ago.

Yeah, I was getting excited until I realized this was the same leak that was available at the beginning of October :/

EDIT: My bad.... this is actually a newer version of the leak...

I wonder when, and if, the big red (Verizon) will push this update. They are notorious for making folks get a new device instead of upgrading their software.

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There is an article here on android central with the release dates for the US models written by alex dobie.

Anyone know what Note 3 features are being carried over? All I want is the S Note feature that takes a hand writtwn phone number and saves it in the contacts....other than that, I'm good with 4.3 until my upgrade. 4.4 is not even out yet. If the Note 2 gets it before my upgrade...great. If not, im satisfied. This phone is awesome!

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Why is there always a "I'm getting a nexus" on update posts? "oh, I have to have updates yesterday..." So stfu and get a nexus. I'm personally happy with my s3, updates or not. Its a solid phone, that I have had no problem with. Appreciate what you have and stop feeling like you are owed 2 updates a year...

I think what is douchey is all the whiney babies not getting their way and saying they are going nexus. There are so many people so worried about having the latest on their phones. You're waiting for a software update, not a food drop...

4.3 for the AT&T note 2 is leaked over on XDA. It's fastttt, WiFi and LTE doesn't work but it was cool to tinker around with.

Beans Stalk is AOSP/cm10.1 build of 4.3.
not the Touchwiz build we've been waiting for.

I've used 4.3 AOSP and loved it.. but some missing features of touchwiz keep me off AOSP based roms.
really looking forward for TW4.3 myself.


I think I will hold on to my Note 2. It's not worth as much since I got a a refurbished one due to a manufacturer defect. No I will barely get $300 if I sell mine. I will just deal with it and hold off till updates. it's been the best phone Ive had so far. If I can get the note 3 off contract for less than $500 then maybe I'll upgrade.

Most guys whine about the latest software when you might use 1 new feature it has,hell the only reason I want 4.3 for is to see If I can get my battery life back that 4.2 took away from me