The Photo Sphere team has been hard at work correcting errors and fixing inconsistent colors

With yesterday's event came the official announcement of Android 4.3, and the incredibly fast push to get this latest OS version out to devices everywhere. There were many changes included in the newest incarnation of Jelly Bean, among those being improvements to the camera and its Photosphere feature.

Googler Evan Rapoport has detailed some of the changes that went into Android's 3D panoramic image capturing, the photo sphere. Those who have taken photo spheres in the past have probably noticed errors in the image, where portions were not aligned or missing. Alignment and stitching have been improved in Android 4.3, minimizing errors and making images much more consistent.

Consistency was also improved for colors, eliminating much of the past problems with gray areas and areas of high contrast. Exposure compensation now gives beautifully exposed photos, says Rapoport.

Be sure to check out the Photo Sphere forum for great examples of photo spheres or to post your own. And that Photosphere above? That's shot with the new improvements.

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sddfdds says:

too bad it didnt improve bluetooth support on the galaxy nexus

TheDu9du says:

It didn't improve the Megapixels in the camera either.
Upgrade! Is time!

Still no update in the Middle East

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TheDu9du says:

No update in Texas, USA either.

Incredibly fast push? I've still seen no reports of folks receiving the OTA so far. I would flash the IMG but I'd rather not lose all my info or go through the hassle of backing everything up. I'm patient anyway but I'm just noting that the push hasn't really been that fast, at least as far as the more convenient OTA goes.

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Choorp says:

An Android update going out to users the same day it's announced isn't fast? There have been many reports of the OTA update showing up for people.

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raysgrumpy says:

Not when it doesn't go out to all users. I've had my Nexus 4 since it was first available and I just checked, and still don't have the update. My wife got hers delivered yesterday and she doesn't have the update. Many reports of the ota showing up is meaningless. For the people telling everyone to just sideload the update, that is not "pushing" the update out

ConTejas says:

It's staggered release, the way it's always been. Many people HAVE received the 4.3 OTA. You're just two people(very special, I'm sure). I assure you that you'll have it many months before the majority of Android devices. Enjoy that fact!

Choorp says:

Also, you can flash the image without losing your data. You just need to download the correct image. The entire process took me five minutes...

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Care to point me in the direction of the image to flash then? I can easily flash the image, I'm sure, but I thought it wiped everything. Didn't know images existed where it wipes nothing.

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If you go from stock 4.2.2, it wouldn't wipe.

TheLegoman says:

Same here, I haven't heard any reports of anyone getting the OTA update. I haven't received it yet either.

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I got my update two days ago and it was ota. I'm on Android Nexus 10.1.

I got my update two days ago and it was ota. I'm on Android Nexus 10.1.

Rehzonance says:

The OTA is available for download you won't lose any data. Here is a guide. I did it and it work flawlessly.

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One, that's for a nexus 7. Two, that's for android 4.2. Does that still apply?

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Yeah no ota update for me. Starting to get impatient.

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KwietStorm says:

You don't have to lose all your info using manually.

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DirkBelig says:

I'm surprised no one has discussed whether the camera app has been updated to fix having settings under your thumb and if the hyperactive AF has been tamed? Photosphere is a cute gimmick, but we need better vanilla camera operation.

TheDu9du says:

Sorry to disappoint.
I had already side loaded the latest gallery/camera from the download Alex Dobie linked us to a while ago. So I've been enjoying that no thumb in the way feature for like 1 or 2 months.

imanexus says:

An improved Photosphere would be nice. The only thing I've ever been able to capture using it is an artful depiction of the world as seen completely spinning drunk.

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ace8707 says:

...was that picture taken in a prison yard??

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toddjy says:

I wonder if this is the same software they use for Street View pictures on Google Earth and Maps. I've panned around on a few streetviews and seen some serious glitches.

Vicky Sofyan says:

can someone post the new 4.3 camera apk?

FMOTL_Chris says:

The 4.3 camera apk has been posted on other websites since July 1st I believe.

Paul D Troy says:

No updates Australia
. ñ4

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abdon_junbug says:

Is that some kind of prison?

AndroidGuy says:

Pensacola Airport Observation Area

hellzone22 says:

Still no update. I won't sleep :D

JoNex says:

Does anybody know if Google fixed the garbage audio quality while recording video?!

No update in india!

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No ota update for me on my N4 here in the UK

rombel says:

no update for mi in the Caribbean :(

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thexjacob says:

Megapixels do not equal good photo. More impotently is size of the sensor. Which is being made smaller because of higher metaphysics

Is the version of Photo Sphere/Gallery that comes with 4.3 the same as that which is available on the Google Edition phones (1.1.40012)--the version that was extracted for install on non-Nexus/GE phones? If not, is the apk for the newer version available?

In other words, is it different than the version available here: ?

thecuber says:

An update that was a little late for me, All my Photosphere I took in China turned out blurry because of the gray clouds. And I just got back home on Tuesday...

How did you embed the Photosphere on this article?

FMOTL_Chris says:

I tried the updated camera apk back in the beginning of July, and the same photosphere bug has reared its ugly head on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Which received the OTA 4.3 update on July 30th.

Can't really use the photosphere function because the hints page that appears to tell you how to use photosphere never disappears, it stays active and on top of the photosphere function, blocking the ability to see the blue dots.