Galaxy S II

Good news for our friends in Australia today as the official Ice Cream Sandwich update is now available for Telstra's  Samsung Galaxy S II. The update to Android 4.0.3 is available OTA through either an update prompt or a manual pull, though if that hasn’t hit your phone Kies will do the trick. The update is around 200 MB, and comes fully equipped with Samsung’s TouchWiz UI. Galaxy S II 4G owners are still out of luck, but if you’re a proud owner Telstra’s OG GSII, be sure to let us know below how the update process is going for you.

  Source: Telstra forums via Ausdroid

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TheRyland says:

C'mon Sprint, bring it to the ET4G already!!!!!

Lee_R3D says:

Why was that picture taken upside down?

webbie2 says:

US ATT owners are patiently waiting...

droidhead_1 says:

I updated my epic touch last night thanks to qbking77 it's working great. No need to wait for sprint. Doesnt require root, easy insturction video on youtube.

artacn says:

Will this work for the tmo GS2 and if so can you send me th
e link

lazagna says:

I talked to a Bell Mobility (Canada) rep today, and asked when the release date is, and they said April 30th for the S2... Can't wait.

andel7539 says:

While the Galaxy S II owners across the planet are getting their fulfillment of Ice Cream Sandwich, how about you release yours? Just like the other carriers are out of the country?
Thank you.

rwb501 says:

Dear T-Mobile

Where's my Galaxy SII Ice Cream Sandwich!?!?!?

Sincerely Another Disgruntled Customer

droidhead_1 says:

Only for epic touch. But let me tell you this update is great. Buttery smooth, fast & colorful.

ap_kelly says:

Dear Telstra,

Can I have ICS for my Xoom now? Everywhere else seems to have it, whats taking you so long?