Galaxy S II

Good news for our friends in Australia today as the official Ice Cream Sandwich update is now available for Telstra's  Samsung Galaxy S II. The update to Android 4.0.3 is available OTA through either an update prompt or a manual pull, though if that hasn’t hit your phone Kies will do the trick. The update is around 200 MB, and comes fully equipped with Samsung’s TouchWiz UI. Galaxy S II 4G owners are still out of luck, but if you’re a proud owner Telstra’s OG GSII, be sure to let us know below how the update process is going for you.

  Source: Telstra forums via Ausdroid


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Android 4.0 now available down under on Telstra's Galaxy S II


I updated my epic touch last night thanks to qbking77 it's working great. No need to wait for sprint. Doesnt require root, easy insturction video on youtube.

I talked to a Bell Mobility (Canada) rep today, and asked when the release date is, and they said April 30th for the S2... Can't wait.

While the Galaxy S II owners across the planet are getting their fulfillment of Ice Cream Sandwich, how about you release yours? Just like the other carriers are out of the country?
Thank you.

Dear T-Mobile

Where's my Galaxy SII Ice Cream Sandwich!?!?!?

Sincerely Another Disgruntled Customer

Dear Telstra,

Can I have ICS for my Xoom now? Everywhere else seems to have it, whats taking you so long?