If you're wanting to dig into the Android 2.3 user guide to get a better perspective of what, exactly is new within Gingerbread you can now download it via the Google Mobile support page. While most of us like to dig through and find stuff out on our own, it's still a handy thing to have kicking around especially for new Android users. Be sure to grab it and of course, if you have any Android 2.3 specific questions by all means, feel free to ask in our Android 2.3 forums that are now open. [Google]


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Android 2.3 User Guide now available for your viewing pleasure


Hmm judging from the manual the pictures are taked in a Nexus One because the talk abuot the trackball.

One of the main things I'm looking for is the Calendar app to allow me to make an appointment PRIVATE! Seems like such a little thing to be able add...

Nice to see its out in time for the holiday's. Of course while everyone will be asking when, when, oh when for their device I am only interested in when a suitable SBF will be out so that the custom ROM dev's can get to work on making better ROM's.

I am running Fission 2.3 and its amazing compared to the DX Blur ROM Moto offered. Maybe they should hire the custom ROM folks to build their stuff.

I still see no Proxy support for WIFI networks WITH authentication.

Im looking at my friend with his iphone he can connect to the corporate network just fine but my Nexus One is useless on the WIFI.

Google, you should be ashamed at this blatant disregard for your users' request. At least Microsoft listens. You simply do not care.