Android 2.3 GingerbreadFor your folks who like to compile and run your own ROMs straight from the source (and who doesn't?), know that the Android 2.3 Gingerbread source code is being pushed to the Android Open Source Project right ... about ... now!

For 90 percent of us or so, this doesn't mean much. But for you developer types, it means you can download the base code straight from Google.

Interestingly enough, however, is a warning against using the AOSP code to roll a version for the Nexus S. Says Google's Jean-Baptiste Queru:

"Even though Nexus S is designed to be suitable for AOSP work, there
are some caveats. I very strongly recommend against trying to use
Nexus S for anything related to AOSP at the moment. Trying to unlock
or use your Nexus S for AOSP work could easily turn it into a Nexus B
(where B means "brick"); I have two of those, they're not very useful.
I'll send some guidelines about what is currently possible once I've
finished pushing the source code. "

Again, not something most of us have to worry about. But all this does mean your favorite ROM developer likely will be incorporating Gingerbread fairly soon. [Google via @romainguy]


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Android 2.3 source code being now pushed to the Android Open Source Project


Man I hope you're right incrediblecub; I just applied 6.1, but I'll wait to go to far on configuration now. ^^b

Oooo, baby. I'm a CM newbie; just switched to 6.1 this week, and then 6.1.1. Now with this announcement I can smell the gingerbread. Feel like I'm on a roller coaster!

As said, now to be patient for CM7 on my DINC after just applying 6.1, in any event, Gingerbread hooraaaaay! Was fun emulating it in SDK.

So how long before we see a decent Gingerbread ROM for the Evo, you think? Tonight? This weekend? Next week?

Depends on what you mean by decent.....Im sure someone will have a hack out there. But me personally I only go with the best, and thats cyanogenmod. I think maybe a week or 2 before we see a nightly (unstable) and then a few weeks later a stable release. Maybe sooner but we'll see.

Unfortunately, Cyanogenmod is the only ROM that won't install on my rooted phone. I get some error message when trying to flash the zip.

Make sure you have the correct HBOOT version, too. That might have something to do with it. Google Engineering HBOOT. You should find it pretty quickly on XDA.

Speculating on the 'when' of things is a pointless game and a merciless tease to oneself. Better to just enjoy CM6 (or your ROM of preference) because it's STILL better than any iPhone ever made even if you're running a buggy ROM. The sheer joy of waking up one day to find CM7 is out will make up for all of that later. :)

Ok, Nexus S has had a full day of being first with Gingerbread.

Push the cookies to us Nexus One users already!!!