Android 2.1 SDK

Android 2.1 has been officially available on the Google Nexus One for nearly a week now, but the SDK had not -- until now.

There are a number of new APIs on board, including for the animated wallpapers, network signal detail, UI tweaks, geolocation permissions, databases. No real tells at first glance. No major resolution changes or super-duper space-age improvements. And unless you're a coder, none of this is for you. But the bottom line is it means newer and better apps are on the way.

Full deets here. [Via Android Developers blog


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Android 2.1 SDK is released


I think it's safe to assume 2.1 will be out by 1/26 at the latest.

Release dates:

04/27: 1.5 SDK
04/30: 1.5 cupcake

09/15: 1.6 SDK
10/1: 1.6 donut

10/27: 2.0 SDK
11/6: 2.0 eclair released on Moto Droid

12/4: 2.01 SDK
12/11: 2.01 eclair update

1/11: 2.1 SDK
1/??: 2.1 eclair update

Live 'active' wallpapers look awesome but I'm fairly confident my Eris would seizure while using them... Can we just get a damn confirmed release date of Nexus One on Verizon?!!!?

What I wanna know is....with the SDK released, and Manny83's "release dates" calendar up there, when should we expect the 2.1 on the Moment?

Or the N1 on Sprint ;)

I think manny83's use of prior release dates was awesome. Definately gives us more of a warm fuzzy that it is for sure coming soon. Thanks for that. In the mean time, I'm still loving android and the almost daily happenings of this exciting OS.