With the Android 1.5 Cupcake Update pushing out to Android Users sometime this week, talk is already beginning on the next Android update: 2.0. According to some reports, Android 2.0 is codenamed 'Donut', which obviously is a clear successor to 1.5's 'Cupcake'.

We're pretty big fans of the 'Donut'-moniker and think Android should keep it for 2.0. And if Android 1.5 brought us a slew of new features, could you imagine what the milestone 2.0 update will bring? Our imagination is running crazy just thinking about it.

How do you guys like the 2.0 'Donut'-name?

[via phandroid]

There are 7 comments

Raymond says:

Excellent name. No hurt in keeping a bit of humour involved. :-)

If that's the case, I can't wait for Android 3.0 Cheesecake! ;-)

At least you guys get updates... damn VZW & Storm

Godwell says:

4.0 is already being tagged 'Cornbread'.

2.0 should be out by the time my preconceived child is 4.

Anonymous says:

lol! Thats funny! What about fruit cake? I just got my cupcake on Saturday, and really like it. So far so good... I'm not sure that it was even worth the wait... Nevertheless I continue to be a G1 fan...

Raymond says:

Can't wait to see the apps that developers will create with the new text-to-speech API.

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