HTC ThunderBolt Gingerbread RUU

We've lost track of just how many Gingerbread builds have leaked for the HTC Thunderbolt, but a new one's just appeared in RUU form. Ol' Football just dropped build 2.11.605.0. And being an RUU, it means you'll be wiping your phone if you run it in that form and don't want for a little additional hackery.

The good news is that work is obviously continuing on Android 2.3 builds for the 'Bolt. So hopefully we'll have a relatively bug-free upgrade when the time comes. (Knock on wood.)

Source: XDA Developers; Thanks, Brian!


Reader comments

And yet another ThunderBolt Gingerbread RUU comes forward


Except for the voicemail notification issue which is a deal breaker for me! That and I don't wish to be wiping my phone every few days flashing some new leaked GB RUU! I want/need my phone to work 24/7, which it just does with MR2! At least with MR2, there was a real need to flash the leaked or official RUU to resolve the rebooting issue. The same cannot be said for the GB leaks. But, if you wish to flash em, flash away, flash away!.... :)

I'm not aware of the voicemail notification issue. I use Google Voice for my voicemails and I haven't had any problems. I'm still on the first GB leak and it has worked greatly for me. Battery life has actually improved some as well. I understand what you mean, though.

WooHoo got a tip onto the site! lol

GB must be getting closer!! Although I've been on GB for quite some time (CM7).

Since I have no idea what you are ask saying half the time, I am waiting for the official update cuz I will just destroy my phone if I even tried to flash the leaked RUU.. Now here come the stupid questions.. 1St what in Ruu? 2nd is there anyway to back my phone up, Apps included? I know how to back up my numbers.. But what about everything else on my phone.. How can I back up everything???