Meet Lloyd

World, meet Lloyd. Lloyd, meet the world. After a long, long search -- and hundreds of great entries from you fine folks, our new mascot has a name. And in a random act of randomness (and redundancy) not seen since the Great Random Access Act of 1978, we actually had two forum members suggest the name at the exact same time. So to dgalanter and EvoPaul30, we say congratulations, and we've got some freebies on the way.

And to everyone else, give Lloyd a rousing hello. You'll be seeing a lot more of him in due time. (And you can download those kick-arse wallpapers here.)


Reader comments

And we shall call him ... Lloyd


Oh come on you know you all think Lloyd the Droid is catchy... as a matter of fact where can I buy the T-shirt and ball cap?

I don't know about the other chap, but I said Lloyd because it rhymed with Droid.

Also, he looks like a Lloyd. Not the "pull my finger" Uncle Lloyd we might know, but a kick-butt-probably-knows-karate-type Lloyd.

Now... Free Reese's to the man/woman to get Lloyd cut into a Reese's.

[note: Can't provide the Reese's myself. Can't seem to find 'em at the moment in Hong Kong ::sad face::]

What a rediculous looking mascot. Seriously. Looks like a pilsbury dough boy with some fake street tough thrown in for good measure.

But there is already another Andy the android. Unstoppable Andy. You can't make it the same name. It would confuse the poor buggers when they met on the street.

Congrats on picking such a great name!!!!! :) Though I don't remember allowing the name to be used without my permission.....

Like 97.45999% of the people, I think you should have named him Andy (short for Android - DUH)
Oh Well....howyoudoin LLOYD!

andy is way to obvious of a name. shows no imagination. lloyd is only slightly better. probably would have sent in Oliver after my nephew or Olivaw after Asimovs robot police officer.

Are you serious!? Lloyd?

I had a better name than that. Might as well just called him Bob and called it a day.

BTW I had Andy Centroid.. you know a name that flowed well with the website. /end rant

I expected now imagination in picking the name. Stupid name. Didn't really care about the name until this dumb name was picked. I just expected more. Oh well...

Lloyd Dobler: Hey my brother, can I borrow a copy of your "Hey Soul Classics"?
Jason Dobler: No, my brother, you have to go buy your own.

Looks like Lloyd is waiting for a dance off with his arms crossed like that. Someone should animate him to copy that animated kitten you see dancing at the end of RayWilliam Johnson "=3" YouTube clips That would be hilarious.

Great design! I do wish you went with 'Lloid' for the name. That would have been epic! Was that name a consideration?