HTC Beats

The rumors are running rampant as to what Thursday's "major news announcement" from HTC CEO Peter Chou will be.

  • Bootloader unlocking? No.
  • Honeycomb tablets? No.
  • When your phone will get Gingerbread? No.

Seriously, folks. You don't hype a "major news announcement" for that stuff. You send a press release.

That said, All ThingsD is reporting that the big news is a $300 million collaboration with Beats Audio. As in Beats by Dre, and the same Beats Audio you'll find in a smattering of HP products -- including the HP TouchPad. The collaboration will be exclusive to HTC smartphones.

Now, that's nothing to turn your nose up at -- there's definitely a market for a proper Android MP3 player. (So long as it's priced right.) But with all the patent nonsense floating around and the world still waiting for its first Honeycomb tablet from HTC, the timing for a "major news announcement" sure came at an interesting juncture.

Anyhoo, whether or not the cat's out of the bag, be sure to join us for the liveblog Thursday morning.

Source: AllThingsD

Update: Added the picture you now see above, from the Beats By Dre Facebook page. Guess that makes it official. Thanks, andyp714 and rfmike!


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And HTC's 'major news announcement' is ... Beats Audio


Yeah sort of stupid tthat the major announcement is this. But I have to say. That its awesome if they find a way to collaborate with Beats and put it in the smart phones. I have the head set and its awesome and have seen hp laptops with beats in it. Audio quality is AWESOME.

My Dell has JBL and IMO its miles betters than Beats.

I gotta admit I wish my Droid 3 fed better to my car stereo. The audio out is kinda whiny.

Somewhat disappointing, but great for HTC I guess. I wonder how well it will compare to Samsung + Voodoo sound + Etymotic (real high fidelity headphones/earbuds)...

(Personalgrumblegrumble Dr. Dre wasn't that great of a producer anyway, I'd much rather buy Danger Mouse or R2DJ or Nujabes-designed audio equipment grumblegrumble)

In other international news, Windows 7 creator Microsoft (Redmond, WA) today announced that they will be including a new "square root" function key for the calculator in their new operating system, cleverly named "Windows 8".

And there was much rejoicing (yay).

Hey Phil check out the beats by Dr dre page facebook he post a picture with his earphones next to an htc device and says big announcement soon

Ah, Beats. The preferred audio equipment of trust fund kiddies and idiots who think since it's on TV, it must be good, and because all their favorite athletes use them, they are the best out there. If they put as much effort into making a quality product as they do advertising their wares, they might actually be worth the exorbitant price tag.

But thats the reason they're worth the price. People buy the Name and not only would you be making money off the items but having a Brand name on your phones isn't bad.

I just want to see ICS. All the others Tech companys are okay with showing the OS months before release.

I agree. More expensive isn' better. Engadget recently did a blind test on this, and results were mixed.

But if the pictured headphones are what they are going to be pushing, it seems like a wrong headed move. For a phone you want something that fits in some small pocket, not something that takes up MORE room than the phone itself.

Maybe trust fund kiddies will think about Android now instead of flocking to the iPhone. Maybe not.

$300? really? I thought the Bose where pricey enough. and I'm not a fan of that stuffed into the ear canal feeling so this is filed in the irrelevant bin

Beats audio in the ear buds or the over the ear headphones are amazing. I have had both bose and skullcandy in ear buds. None of them compare to the audio quality that beats put out. They are worth every penny.

That's because the two brands you just mentioned don't pull any weight at all for serious audiophiles. Each and every one your pennies spent on Beats headphones could be spent on any number of better sounding headphones.

Really?! For god sakes...
1. Beats aren't that great. They have about the same quality as a pair of skullcandies (yes, that's an insult). If you want a nice sounding set of headphones, go to senhessier and spend half the money.
2. Beats audio may have been cool in the envy line, but if you listen to a touchpad play music it really doesn't do anything. At all. As far as mobile goes, this whole beats thing is a huge PR campaign for teens who think Beats are the best headphones ever.

Nonetheless, I'm excited to see the commercials, I can already imagine a robotic Dre putting a magically glowing Beats chip into, say, a Nexus Prime :)

some major announcement my azz!! hah we all love Dre no offence but this is nothing close to major stuff

Meh. Doubt it's any better than the SRS/Dolby Mobile they already include on their high end phones. The only reason they are doing this is because of the Beats name.

I just checked beats Facebook. They have an announcement as well with a phone in the background.

I guess I will put this "major" announcement in the "boy who cried wolf" category.

When we get to three, I won't believe HTC has anything "major" to announce until I see it with my own eyes and can verify that it truly is something "major" instead of allying with a music/headphone company.

Yeah. Online music and headphones.

Major, baby.


I had the Touchpad for a short time. So I feel I can say that (my own opinion or course) Beats Audio is a tad overrated. Of all the things anticipated from HTC at the moment, I will be one of several who will be slightly disappointed at this announcement. And to be fair, some people really enjoy and take their music quality serious. For them, a great thing for sure. For most consumers my opinion is they won't buy HTC for the Beats Audio alone.

I agree. Having beats audio in an htc device will be a plus for htc sense external speaker quality is not the best, I myself do enjoy beats audio very much. I wish I had these back I'm my drumming days. I would have been able to hear everything in an mixing session.

Beats Audio...decent product, waaaay overpriced, sells a crapload because of genius marketing. Shouldn't they be partnering with Apple instead of HTC?

Despite being an audiophile, I'd take Beats Audio over the normal HTC stuff any day. However, I would have liked to have seen Klipsch audio on HTC phones instead. At least they're a much more respectable brand in the hi-fi community with the sound to back it up too.

And the droid 1 gen is crushed again by this announcement. (including me) we just want a dual core LTE phone already

Wow...can't believe u would say Dre was never really that good of a producer...outrageously ignorant statement...anyway congratulations to HTC for partnering w the one of the greatest producers known to man

If you think he's even half as good as Nujabes, you are everything that's wrong with modern mainstream hip-hop, just sayin'.

Realy people...? Theses aren't just a set of head phones with great speakers and noise replication. The reason this is a big deal is because for the headphone to be in fruition with the sound meant to be heard from YOUR music (whether its a dj for trance or rap or what ever you like) there has to be software to equalize it and make it sound perfect.(studio quality) But screw all you, these ARE the best quality headphones out.

hey HTC, I got an idea for your next big announcement,

"HTC officially announces a decent battery anyone OTHER than HTC"

*o* !!!

Should I have heard of this Dr. Dre and Beats before? Because I have no clue. Of course, I don't listen to rap or hip/hop, just music. I prefer genres that don't demean women and glamorize violence.