AMD LogoARM-based processors seem to be the future of computing, especially in applications that require power (and heat) efficiency, like tablets and smartphones. Trying to skate to where the puck is going, AMD is starting to research creating ARM processors. Their hope is to supplement their current lineup of desktop, laptop and server processors -- based on an x86 architecture -- with these higher efficiency options.

AMD is quick to point out that their foray into ARM processors is focused on reducing costs and improving efficiency of data centers. That being said, it's hard to believe that it would pump this R&D into making ARM processors without contemplating offering a cheap processor option for phone and tablet manufacturers. It says that the first AMD ARM processors will be coming by 2014.

Source: WSJ


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AMD getting into the ARM processor game


No kidding. If they had made the decision to go in this direction two years ago (when they should have) their stock price might still be in the $9/share range instead of $2.00/share. Talk about driving a company off a ledge!

Were your laptops using the mobile versions of their processors? I know sometimes laptop manufacturers like to put desktop processors in larger laptops to reduce costs. I had a similar problem with a desktop-processing based AMD laptop.

OK, so maybe AMD chips get hot. Who cares? All of their current offerings are based on the x86 architecture, which is totally different from the ARM architecture that they've decided to start researching. The article stated that ARM-based chips don't get as hot as x86-based chips, so theoretically, this problem would vanish.

the AMD's still far behind intel you can browse and get the fact that there are already cellphone with dual core intel atom like lenovo k900 and asus fonepad. and when benchmark result come up with remarkable result with over 25000 point from antutu benchmark compare to asus transformer with only around 12000 point. So basicly its not just temp issue its about how to catch up the others

AMD had a mobile platform. Anyone hear of Adreno or Snapdragon? That property belonged to ATI and AMD sold it off after the merger. Think AMD is kicking themselves now for that decision, even though it was a lucrative money maker for them at the time?

Can't wait till they perfect it I absolutely love AMD, I had a hp with A8 and a radion r5 graphics card that would out run an i5 in a heartbeat and stunning picture. I will definitely be upgrading my phone to use Amd.