Amazon will make one of its US-based customers extremely happy, thanks to a new "Beat the Heat" sweepstakes where the lucky winner will get $2,500 in Amazon gift cards.

That amount of credit should be enough to buy a bunch of the company's Kindle Fire tablets or its Fire TV set-top box. It can even let the winner buy a few unlocked units of the newly launch Amazon Fire Phone. Of course, the gift cards can be used to buy anything that's sold on Amazon's website.

The contest runs from now until August 3. Eligible contestants can enter by following the official Amazon Twitter feed or by liking its Facebook page, along with the name and address on their personal Amazon account. If you live in the US do you plan to enter this contest?

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Amazon giving away $2,500 in gift cards to one winner in new contest


About a year ago, I created a twitter account just for things like this. Haven't posted anything to it, and I can't remember that last time I went to twitter .

Nope.. they're exclusive to ATT just like the iPhone was for the first 5 years.. All the recent reviews are saying the OS is even simpler than iOS and similar to Apple is just a device to generate more income for Amazon rather than the open source Android system it's based upon.. It does look kinda cool though I have to admit, though I'm sticking with Android.

I was concerned about that too. It's so they can create that canned message, and all you have to do is press a button for Amazon to post on your behalf. I don't think it can just randomly start tweeting from your account.

Actually it can post on your behalf without your knowledge. Any service that you link could do so if they choose to after you give them that permission.

They have an alternative way that only views your timeline and list of followers... not tweet on your behalf. It is detailed in the rules as Twitter method #2.

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Had to use internet exploder just to enter, wtf Amazon.

Thank god I don't use Twitter for anything meaningful and have no followers, so I can just use it to enter crap like this and not care.

What a bummer! Only for US residents, eh? I often wonder why these contests are limited in this way, especially when a next door neighbor is excluded. Great contest, though.

I'm getting a 404
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So, we have to post our name and address on their Facebook or Twitter?? If that is the case, wow...

EDIT: Nevermind, I went and read the official rules and you are basically logging in to Amazon from Facebook. I read the article wrong. Lol

So you just like the FB page and that's it? Still confused on entering name and address on THEIR personal account. I don't use Twitter.

Amazon pays out a measly $2500, which is pocket change, and in exchange gets access to the Facebook and/or twitter accounts of probably millions of people. That's the cheapest advertising dollar there is. Suckers.