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Amazon is expanding their payment service into subscription management starting today. Amazon customers that keep their credit card information stored with the company will be able to pay for different kinds of services with the new system, like subscription music. The area of payment middle-man has long been dominated by PayPal.

Preliminary testing shows some potential benefits for merchants that sign up for Amazon's new service. Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) Ting has been testing Amazon payments, and found that customers spent 30 percent more on Ting's website after setting up recurring payments through Amazon. Additionally, services that sign up will apparently only give Amazon data on the price of each transaction, without giving them any information on what items might have been purchased.

Amazon hopes that the new service will encourage customers to spend money with smaller companies, knowing that they won't have to hand over credit card details to a potentially untested merchant. What do you think of Amazon's new push into payments? Let us know below in the comments.

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Amazon expands its payment gateway to compete against PayPal


Yes! I hate PayPal. I like Amazon though. I hope pay with Amazon becomes as popular as pay with PayPal.

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I have never had an issue with Paypal but I have read the horror stories of them locking your account and not giving you access to it for whatever reason and there is really little that you can do about it. Competition like this from Amazon is good.

Yes. Adios PayPal, I mean eBay - no PayPal. If you still want to borrow my money for 21 days to infinity, I can offer you competitive interest of about 2995%.
But can I deal on eBay with Amazon? I guess not. Bummer.

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PayPal is awesome. Don't try to scam them and you'll be fine. Amazon.. Idk, I still don't understand what the hell Amazon does besides be the most expensive place on the internet. Fuck Amazon, eBay all day.

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"Amazon is the most expensive place on the Internet"

Dude, are you on crack or something? Are you an eBay or PayPal employee, perhaps? Because thoseare the only reasons I can think of that you'd make such a preposterous statement.
Have you actually done any comparison shopping, and checked prices? 9 times out of 10, at least in my experience, Amazon has lower prices than anyone, INCLUDING eBay!

Both eBay and PayPal are f**king evil entities, with fees and policies that screw their users over.. Yes, I use them, because there's basically hardly any alternatives. But, I welcome any competition, and will GLADLY support Amazon!
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One of the problems with Amazon is their business concentration on US market only while PayPal is all over the world. It'll take a lot more time for Amazon to take away much business from PayPal.

PayPal is pretty awful with their countless fees and horrible wait times. I would happily disconnect myself from their service for a competitor who seems to actually appreciate their customers as Amazon has proved they do.

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Paypall wait times are not that long at most I have waited 3 days to get my money from the time someone got there item.

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