Amazon Dash is a new way to shop from home — if you're an AmazonFresh customer

Amazon is introducing a small barcode scanner that works in conjunction with your Amazon account, and when you scan a code or use your voice to describe a product it is added to your AmazonFresh shopping list.

Right now things are invitation only, but if you're interested you can head to the source link and have a closer look. You'll also find the sign up there if you were invited.

Source: Amazon

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abhi2nahi4 says:

I want this in Canada soon.

vpblaze says:

Totally agree. Hopefully won't be too too long....

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Jacques says:

It's for Amazon Fresh customers from California and Seattle, WA area...doesn't apply to us here in the midwest. :(

planoman says:

I love my Amazon but that ad made me think I need to make a Costco run. That's is where I would get the things I saw in the video.

rx76onu says:

I want this (or just a device that sends a shopping list to my phone) now!

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Take a look at the Out Of Milk app. You can even share the list so other family members can add to it.

mn1225 says:

Can you say Quecat? This is just a modern version of that piece of crap. They sold maybe 3 of them.

galfert says:

I still have my cuecat. It came free in the mail. I never used it.

This is another case of Amazon trying to sell a pointless piece of branded hardware. There is an Amazon app. You can scan barcodes in it. Amazon should be expanding the services it covers and adding functionality to the existing app instead.

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andreo says:

I had an idea close to this. But it would have had an algorithm that tracked just how much you used something so it could reasonably predict when you needed to order more. It would also keep track of events that were coming up like birthdays and holidays and suggest items that you may want to stock up on. Like extra ice cream for birthdays or charcoal for cook-outs.