Previously released only on the Amazon appstore for the FireTV, the AllCast Receiver app has made its way to Google Play for just about any Android device.

Paired up with the AllCast app, you can now toss images, videos and music from one Android device to another. That means you can watch those videos you recorded last weekend on your Google TV or your Ouya or anything else Android-based. If you're rooted you can also stream Google Play Music to any AllCast device — including ones using the new receiver app. You can even use your phone and headphones for remote audio.

You can grab the AllCast Receiver app — and the AllCast app — from Google Play.


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AllCast Receiver app hits Google Play - Cast all the things


Because playing movies that you download on utorrent is the only thing you can ever use your phone for

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AllCast (Trial) works okay sending jpg and mp3 (but no video) to Chromecast. Full license costs $4.99.

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Bummer. First we heard that Allcast would soon add mirroring for Android, and ever since it's added just about everything but that.

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"You can even use your phone and headphones for remote audio." you have to have Fire TV or Google TV to do this? I would love to use my headphones on my android device while casting to my TV. Not sure how this happens though since the video really isn't playing on the android device, correct?

The video may not be, but surely it isn't difficult to pull the audio from the file you are streaming, I assume this is how it is done.

Haven't tried it with my Chromecast yet, but it worked streaming from my phone to my tablet running Allcast Receiver.

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I tried to do this with Allcast receiver too, but I couldn't get it to work. Can you describe how you got it to work? I don't have Fire TV. It was my understanding that the Allcast Receiver only worked in this way with Fire TV.