LG Event

LG's got an event laid on for early next month in New York City. And while the invitation reads "All will be revealed on December 1," we're getting a little more than perhaps we were supposed to, as some versions of the invite image (ours was renamed) pointed toward the Nitro HD, otherwise known as AT&T's unannounced version of the Optimus LTE. And that's exciting not just for the high-speed data, but for the 1280x720 resolution as well.

Of course, we'll be there with bells on to bring you the whole thing as it happens. It's how we roll.


Reader comments

All will be revealed, LG says, on Dec. 1 (Hint: Possibly the LG Nitro)


LG has their hands in alot of things, just like Samsung does. Don't knock a company just because it's a huge corporation and they are involved with making many of the things we use on a daily basis. If anything LG and Samsung should be able to make better phones because they have much deeper pockets for R&D and manufacturing.

LG produces FANTASTIC hardware, no doubt about that. But man their software engineers are a bunch of noobs. I see simple spelling errors in their source code comments EVERYWHERE, and the general quality of their code is almost nil.

@TeamAndIRC ✔ jcase
LG Will be announcing the LG Revolution 2 for Verizon with a 4.5inch screen at the Dec 1st event

Hope this is the case that lg looks like a beast of a phone. At this rate it would be out before the nexus anyway.

It kind of makes sense Revolution 2 "all will be revealed" Or maybe I am just reading to much into it lol.