GMail Advanced Search

The GMail power users among us may be aware of some of the more advanced search operators that are at our disposal. Things like typing "from:david has:attachment" and getting relevant search results is a great feature for those of us with gigs upon gigs of mail waiting to be searched. These features are now part of the latest GMail app -- version 4.2 -- available on Android 4.2 devices.

In our testing of a random sampling of the advanced search operators, they all seem to work just fine in the app. The results are found quickly, even for mail that isn't already downloaded locally, and it seems to bring back all of the same results that the desktop does. You can find a full list of the supported search operators at the source link below.

Source: GMail Support; Thanks, RonDon!


Reader comments

Advanced search operators now work in GMail 4.2


I'll be happy when I get pinch to zoom that they've already meant to have rolled out for Jelly Bean.

Are you on 4.2 yet? For those who may have installed 4.2 on their Nexus 7 (for instance) and found pinch to zoom not working, it is in Settings > General settings > Auto-fit messages. Just sayin' in case anyone hasn't realized the setting was there.