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Ex-Photoshop lead will now help make Google Photos better than ever

John Nack has had quite the career at Adobe, notably helping manage the Photoshop team. Recently, he has changed focus to bring the best in digital creative apps to mobile devices, and today he announced that he is moving to Google.

After nearly 14 terrific years at Adobe, it’s time for me to open a different chapter of my life, and next week I’ll be joining Google’s digital photography team.

While one man is not any guarantee of success, seeing this move is pretty exciting. There is no denying how much impact Photoshop and it's suite of related products has had on the way digital content is created. Photoshop's move to mobile is similarly ground-breaking, bringing techniques and tools to our phones and tablets that nobody really expected to work as well as they do.

Bringing someone with this experience — and success — to Google Photos is good news for both casual and prosumer photographers alike. With the knowledge how to manipulate the pixels, and the ability to squeeze it into a simple set of controls, Nack's addition to the team could bring some really great things. 

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Adobe's John Nack joining Google Photos team


Google needs to unify web Google+ tools and Gallery/Photos apps. It's very disconnected now and kinda a mess


Google+ tools, while great for the most part, aren't open-source. The Gallery app is open-source, and should always be available as an option.

Well, Google can keep Gallery as an AOSP app with open source tools but at the same time bake those open source tools into web Google+ and Photos app _AND_ add whatever other proprietary tools they want. This way I'd just disable the Gallery app.

I just really like the Gallery tools but everything else about the Photos app (since I heavily use Google+ for photo management). Kinda tired of selecting "Just Once" option.

Hey Jerry - I completely agree with you, but why does AC complain about having two apps in Kit Kit to view photos all the time?

The new Gallery App is fantastic, but completely different than "Photos"...


(I like that there's an AOSP gallery and a close-sourced. The former is important to have. The latter gets the sex. And I have a feeling the Photos app as it currently stands will change a good bit.)

Well this is a little awkward, like mommy and daddy fighting in front of your friends.

Good to see differing opinions and another strength of this site.

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Not too exciting, in fact I'd like to issue my own formal complaint right now...

Photoshop has spent its last few iterations with a basically unreadable UI on windows with a high DPI monitor, while fixing apples UI long ago. They claimed (and still do claim) its a windows issue, yet just about every other program including some of Adobe's other offerings fixed these kind of things ages ago.


Ill LOL when the IOS apps get upgraded and fixed while he ignores the android version.

Meanwhile, Photoshop hasn't made any significant feature upgrades in about a decade. It's a mature product, there isn't really anywhere for it to go. Yet somehow Adobe consistently be as problems hitting deadlines.
I'm not thrilled with the hire.

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Honestly, for as much as I love Android, I really hope this move is about building a proper cloud based, full featured, photo-editing program for Chrome.

My Chromebook will 100% replace my Windows machine if that happens.

looking forward to what the future holds for photography and Google! This could be very big news and we could see some very welcome and powerful tools show up.