Adobe Max

Adobe is hosting its Adobe Max conference today through Wednesday in Los Angeles. It brings together designers, developers and business leaders to discuss the current state of technology and emerging trends. 

Adobe has also developed an app to help those attending be a little more organized. The app features:

  • Max Agenda
  • Detailed session information
  • Speaker list
  • A personalized Max schedule
  • Maps for all the venues
  • Updates news about Max sessions and social events
  • Max information, such as ATM locations, wireless shuttle service and more)

If you're on your way to Adobe Max or are already there, consider downloading the Max Companion app; it will make your life a lot easier. [Adobe via Twitter]


Reader comments

Adobe releases Max Companion app for next week's conference


I guess that's cool but would love to see them get flash 2 SD already, how many people have to say it and how many times!!!

I'm not going (wasn't even invited!), but this is an awesome idea. Hopefully others will start to do this as well. I work at a large hotel that has several conferences and seminars daily. That's not counting the weekly conventions! You will not believe all the confusion there. And God help us if there's a change in location, speaker or time...

Gawd, I hate seeing these single use short lifespan apps cluttering the market. Wouldn't a freaking web page work just as well?