Though we had fully expected Flash to show its pretty face in Android already, it's always a good thing when there's an official announcement. Adobe just announced at MWC that Flash is coming to Android!

By the end of this year, we can expect Android to be running Flash Player 10 which will display the same videos and applications as desktop computers. This is obviously great news for people who want to experience the "full web" and another step for mobile devices to reach the heights of their desktop counterparts.

Having Flash is great for Android because it "one ups" the iPhone and Blackberry who are as of now, Flash-less. Score.

[computerworld via googleandblog]


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Adobe Announces Flash For Android At MWC


I am glad Flash is coming to the Android-however FULL FLASH is already available and usable on WinMo6 using 3rd party apps. The faster it is available to the Android OS the more likely it is to become the new default as that kind of functionality is truly the next gen of smartphones and WinMo does not have any excitement behind it as it is long been seen as a unfriendly beast but is better than the others due to its UI customization availability and 3rd party apps. C'mon android developers-get your arse in gear and BEAT Microsoft on the mobile platform. MUST BE ABLE TO TWEEK THE APPS AND UI FUNCTIONALITY LIKE WINDOWS AND BEYOND! I dont think you wanted to make it this far to just let MS have a better product all around.