Adobe AIR update

Here's a reminder that Adobe AIR and Adobe Flash Player 10.1 are getting updates today to get ready for the impending Android  2.3 -- Gingerbread -- update. What happens if you don't update your Adobe stuff first? In the case of AIR, you've going to get crashes, apparently. From the AIR Team Blog:

In cases where a user receives the Gingerbread OS update before updating to the AIR 2.5.1 runtime, they will receive a native dialog on load stating that the application has quit unexpectedly and your application will fail to load. We’d like your assistance in preventing end users from this type of experience on their device.

Adobe recommends that developers update their AIR apps to require version 2.5.1 to force users to upgrade. Gingerbread's coming, folks. It's coming. [Adobe AIR Team Blog] Thanks, Nick!


Reader comments

Adobe AIR prepped for Gingerbread, too


I hope gingerbread doesn't come out too soon, I was going to tell my girlfriend I got her phone updated for a christmas present.

lol, incase it does, put a rom on it so she wouldn't see the update, and then aroun christmas time backup to stock, then update :P

So what happens if we don't have/need AIR right now, update to 2.3, then later want to install AIR? Will there be problems?

Probably... who knows... I'll guess no... then again there's always XDA.

I'm sure my EVO will be though.... unless the Nexus 2 is real then i'll definitely be dumping my EVO

My bad :-( I was under the assumption that Evo came with 2.1 but I now see it's 2.2. Regardless, I went and purchased an Evo this afternoon. To be honest, I'm already missing the elegance & simplicity of Web OS...