Android remains the No. 2 smartphone operating system worldwide

AdMob numbers for May 2010

AdMob -- the company that serves up a good many of the ads you see in mobile applications (about 23,000) and that was bought by Google -- has released its numbers for May 2010. As you can see from the chart above, Android's climb continues worldwide, remaining the No. 2 operating system, according to AdMob usage. That's a pretty steady climb we're seeing there.

After the break, we take a look at the big points of AdMob's May numbers. (Click here for the April report.)

Here are the big points:

  • Smartphones made up 46 percent of AdMob traffic in May, up 22 percent over May 2008.
  • Traffic from Android has increased 29 percent over May 2009.
  • In May, some 14 devices made up 92 percent of AdMob's Android traffic. A year ago, it was from a single device.
  • Android users download about 9 AdMob-support apps a month.
  • Worldwide, the Motorola Droid (or Milestone) had 3.2 percent of AdMob requests in May, leading Android. Android made up 26 percent of the requests, beating Symbian (and 14 percentage points lower than iOS.)
  • Seven of the top 10 smartphones (by percentage of ad requests) for May are Android devices. They are the Motorola Droid, HTC Magic, HTC Hero, HTC Dream, Motorola Cliq, HTC Droid Eris and Samsung Moment.
  • Android has about 10 percent of the mobile web share, but 26 percent of app usage share. Apple leads that radio with 15 percent handset share and 40 percent app usage share. (In other words, they have more AdMob-enabled apps than the other guys.)
  • 67 percent of Android users (according to AdMob's numbers) are in North America.
  • HTC is the leading manufacturer of Android smartphones in U.S., with 53 percent overall. Motorola's second with 30 percent, followed by Samsung at 9 percent. (Interestingly, Google is listed at 2 percent, though HTC actually manufactured the Nexus One as an OEM.)
  • 84 percent of Android users say they're likely to recommend their device to a friend or colleague. That's compared to 91 percent for the iPhone, and 59 percent for webOS.

So what do we learn? Apple's still the beast to beat. Nobody disputes that, and it's not likely to change anytime soon. But Android's continued growth and continued innovation means we're not going anywhere anytime soon. You can read AdMob's complete May report here. (PDF link)


Reader comments

AdMob's May numbers show that Android's still growing


hmm, looks like quite the spike in April. Wonder if that had something to do with the release of the Incredible on Verizon o.O

Be interesting to see what that chart looks like with the release of the Evo? Pretty much guarenteed the number 2 slot.

I think it's cause Google and Ads go very well together.

Anyway, I predict a big spike upwards for June... when most people got their EVO.

This is completely pointless if they don't do any unique user tracking or bother trying to correlate it with sales share or install share numbers. It could very well be that Android users just love ad supported apps, that Apple users don't or some mix of the two.

Damn by years end with the Droid X, Droid 2, 2Ghz Droid (Droid Pro?), HTCs 2Ghz Android and dual core 800 Mhz monster that will pretty much put us on even keel with Apple.

Isn't Apple supposedly pushing AdMob off of the iphone/ipad in favor of their own Ads? So that would mean iOS developers are probably moving towards Apple ads in which AdMob would think iphone has a smaller market share.

They haven't pushed anything yet. The FTC is investigating them for this and as to whether or not it is legal for Apple to pull this stunt.

This may just be saying less iPhones are receiving these ads - possibly because they have their own ad network now?

Its also surprising that Android (and the iPhone) are past RIM in terms of ad marketshare.

Regardless of the chart, I find it amazing (but not the least bit surprising) that people still refuse to believe that Android is a threat to Apple with or without ads, and Android is quickly climbing neck-to-neck. Apple's monopolistic reign is coming to an end...that's a GOOD thing.

That boy has been crying wolf for an awful long time... and meanwhile the villagers are buying Incredibles and preordering X's.

I know Android is what this site is all about, but I think its important to note the direct correlation between Apple and Symbian. They almost identically mirror the performance of each other.

Android's growth has been mostly to the detriment of everything else, though iOS and Symbian both slightly decline in the same manner.