Spice up your videos with space debris, dinosaurs, falling pianos and more with this easy to use app

The video camera on your Android phone just became a lot more fun to use thanks to FxGuru. If you ever wanted to have a T-Rex crash your brother's Little League game, or drop a piano on your mother-in-law, or just weasel out of cutting the grass because a part of Skylab fell in the yard, now you can! OK, not really but it can look like it happened, and that's more fun than cleaning up after a T-Rex.

The app is easy to use. You pick the effect you want, hit the OK button, and start recording. There's an overlay on your screen of where the magic will happen so you know just how to keep things lined up. When you're done, you can select a filter and boost the audio, and it saved to an mp4 video right on your phone.

There are seven free effects included -- Breaking News, Birthday Bot, Dancing Droid, Piano Drop,Satellite Crash, UFO Shuttle and TNT Barrel -- and you can download plenty of others for 99-cents each or $4.69 for six in a pack. The free effects are limited to 480p recording, but the paid ones will allow HD recording.

I'm having entirely too much fun with this one. Hit the Google Play link above and check it out -- you will, too. Hit the break for an example (you knew we had to) and an assortment of screen shots.


Reader comments

Add special effects to your videos easily with FxGuru


Can it be used to blur a face or address or something like that? I haven't found a mobile app to do that yet so I have to use my pc for very minor edits which is annoying.

Having some wicked bad problems on my Galaxy sIV. After you hit start the fx overlay of what you chose wont' go away and hitting record leads to a black screen and nothing gets saved. Uninstalling and trying again because it looks badass!

An uninstall and reinstall fixed it. It works really well, my only complaint is that the end of the video shows a plug for the app, even after i paid for effects. That needs to change. If they can axe that it's a five star app easy! Shared two on facebook lol!!!

A great app, but the novelty does wear off.

Me and my kids spent just about all of Saturday messing around with it, doing dancing videos, crashing the piano into their heads etc.

It's a shame the additional effects cost so much, I'd rather pay a one-time fee for an app like this. I would have been happy to pay £2 for it.

So I am trying to make a zombie video with my NextBook tablet and whenever I go to the Movie Created app that was already installed onto the tablet when I got it from WalMart it won't let me insert a video with FX Guru. Whenever I go to watch the video it brings me back to the choose movie menu. What is going on?

This app is awesome but there are other similar ones on the Play Store. My favorite is MovieRide FX which can actually put you inside a movie clip, like in a spaceship or astronaut suit.