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Use ADB and Fastboot commands with no extensive setup

I know plenty of us are hardcore phone hackers who actually enjoy installing the Android SDK and tinkering with the command console. I also know that there are even more people who just need to push a file or use Fastboot every now and then and don't want to mess with installing the SDK and monkeying around with the system PATH or files. If you're part of the latter group, you're going to love this.

AC forums Ambassador wizzrah has built an awesome little Windows (XP, 7, 8 or 8.1) app that does all the heavy lifting for you. Install the drivers for your phone, download and unzip the ADB Console by wizzrah app, and click the executable. Now you have a place to type all those ADB commands you see written everywhere, and a much better chance of things that "just work."

To make this even better, the entire kit is open-source and ready to embed into your Windows application. Huzzah!

What are you waiting for? Jump into the forums and have a look at this one!

[Open source] ADB Console by wizzrah


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This ADB Console Windows app makes data communication with your phone quick and easy


I'm definitely in the former group, but this looks like it's great work and a really excellent jumping off point for the less experienced users as an alternative to/next step from tool kits.

May DL myself to keep on a flash drive/card.

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(That was uncharacteristically upbeat, now my head hurts.)

Does it get around all the annoying Windows driver issues? I use my Linux box for anything adb related because it just works.

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It does "just work" under Linux (I am using Mageia). I just download the stuff, put it in /opt/adb and ln -s /opt/adb/android-sdk-linux/platform-tools/adb /usr/bin.

This is great news. I'm a fairly advanced Android user, but something of a dunce when it comes to Windows, so setting up ADB was always too intimidating for me. I've done well without it so far, but this would be nice in case I get in a jam.

Glad to see advancement. Nothing gets better if we don't try.
Not sure it will change for me the method I've learned and currently use, but as noted it would be nice to have on a flash drive.

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This would save one from having to download the whole sdk, which is cool for those of us who just want to tweak our devices.

AC every day

Hey, guys. This just executes adb and fastboot commands. You'll need to install your own drivers for your device.

That sucks, as that's the biggest problem with using adb on windows. Sticking to osx/Linux for flashing then.

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I don't understand what are tge advantages of using this tool over the official sdk.
Also, the sdk doesn't really need to be installed. There is a portable version too

Like I said, it's a work in progress. I have some features in mind I think would be pretty cool to make it stand out.

What are the features that it has now, that adb doesn't have?
Can it handle multiple apk files (batch operation) for example?

It's just not good as it was reading articles from AC. It's like the page is just ad and poor layout. I've got an N5 and it wasn't like this before last week. Sometimes if it ain't broke don't fix it.

This looks like a really handy tool. Thanks to the developer for trying to adb a little easier on Windows

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