acer liquid e

The Froyo update for the Acer Liquid E is now available for customers of both Rogers and Fido.  It's not an OTA update, so you'll have to download it and install manually.  That's OK, because Acer has included a great set of instructions in the zip file you download, making the whole thing pretty foolproof.  Having said it's pretty foolproof, now is a good time to mention that there's at least one report of a fouled upgrade.  But this is official, from Acer, and endorsed by the carriers so hopefully that's just a fluke.

Head to Acer Canada and visit the download center to grab your copy and give Froyo a whirl.  Thanks for the tip, John!

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F you samsung for taking so long to release froyo.

level32 says:

... and Motorola


Agree totally!



Thats why i went from samsung to htc... got tired of samunga lags of updates and phone issues....

At least with Samsung and Motorola you get something that works. If the previous Acer OTA upgrades are anything to go by, you'll be faced with a buggy OS that runs slowly. Not to mention Eclair didn't get released until JULY. Well after Froyo was out.

It's why I ditched the original liquid for the nexus one.