acer liquid e

The Froyo update for the Acer Liquid E is now available for customers of both Rogers and Fido.  It's not an OTA update, so you'll have to download it and install manually.  That's OK, because Acer has included a great set of instructions in the zip file you download, making the whole thing pretty foolproof.  Having said it's pretty foolproof, now is a good time to mention that there's at least one report of a fouled upgrade.  But this is official, from Acer, and endorsed by the carriers so hopefully that's just a fluke.

Head to Acer Canada and visit the download center to grab your copy and give Froyo a whirl.  Thanks for the tip, John!


Reader comments

Acer Liquid E Froyo update available


At least with Samsung and Motorola you get something that works. If the previous Acer OTA upgrades are anything to go by, you'll be faced with a buggy OS that runs slowly. Not to mention Eclair didn't get released until JULY. Well after Froyo was out.

It's why I ditched the original liquid for the nexus one.