If a tablet isn't for you, and you have been holding off for a netbook that runs on Android, it appears as though the Acer D255 will be one for you. Back in February we saw an HP netbook running Android, but we have yet to see this one surface on the consumer market to date. Could this Acer be in the same boat as the HP unit, or will this one actually be available to purchase? Which do you prefer, a netbook running Android, or an Android Tablet? [via Fandroid]


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Acer D255 shown running Android OS


Android is not a keyboard and mouse OS. It's a finger OS, thoguh I guess you can use a keyboard as well. This would be a better, though admittedly less unique, product running windows or desktop linux. Actually looking at the source site, it looks like this dual boots Windows 7.

At the very least, if you want an android laptop, make it ARM instead of x86 so that it can run 2.2 rather than 1.6.

How about both? Flip it around to turn it into a tablet then open it up to turn it into a netbook. That sounds nice

I see no point in this type of product. My netbooks run Linux (Mandriva and Ubuntu). There isn't much point in running Android on a non-touchscreen-centric device. Especially if that device is not even a low-powered ARM platform.

You can do this with pretty much any laptop/netbook now using Linux Live USB.

Granted it's 1.6, but Wi-Fi works, and you can just install it on a USB/SD card (if your machine can boot from it).

But without a touch screen, it gets boring very fast.