Since NASA launched the final Atlantis shuttle mission earlier this summer, the two Nexus S devices on board have been hard at work upgrading three SPHERES (Synchronized Position Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental Satellites) aboard the shuttle. NASA has expressed interest in Android due to its open-source nature, which has enabled engineers to build the sensor logging app that is currently being used on the SPHERES. The video above sheds some light on the Nexus S's deep space adventures, and you can grab said sensor logging app, straight from NASA engineers, from the Android Market after the break.

Source: Google Mobile Blog


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Aboard space shuttle Atlantis, Nexus S is enjoying a productive vacation


great vid! I even started to tear up a bit. Oh wait, that's right... I had spicy food for lunch.

That's actually really cool stuff...

blah blah blah, hate to burst your bubble but it was a joke...much like the iPhone commercials that claim "if you don't have an iPhone, don't have an iPhone.."

Very cool, can't wait to tell the kids their Mom's phone is in space.

I wonder how the 4G is up there? Oh, wait they're inside so they probably don't have any.

The Android market app is neat, but it needs some documentation. It also claims to record data from all available sensors, but it seems to at least ignore the ambient light sensor. Does it report data from the proximity sensor for phones that have one?