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Long available on iOS, UK TV network Channel 4 has finally gotten around to releasing its 4oD streaming app on Android. Similar to rival offerings from the BBC and ITV, the 4oD app allows UK-based users to stream from Channel 4's back-catalog of TV content, and view shows aranged by recommendation, TV schedule or category.

Like the 4oD web streaming service, you'll need to create a (free) account before you can get access to shows, and it seems streaming over mobile data is disabled for the time being. (You're also SOL if you're rooted, likely due to piracy fears.) However, the app itself looks pretty well-designed, tying elements of Android's "holo" design language in with C4's own styling. There's also parental controls, allowing you to block 16+ or 18+ content using a PIN lock.

The 4oD app for Android is available now on Google Play for UK Android devices running version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher.


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4oD on-demand UK TV app launches for Android


Wonder how long mobile data will be disabled for? Getting my Nexus 4 with Three tomorrow with unlimited data.. More than happy to rinse it watching 8 out of 10 cats when about lol

Thanks for the post Lexcyn. For those who live outside UK and want to access 4OD, you can use UnoTelly as I do to get around the geo block.

Picture quality isn't that great. I prefer to use the 4od website using firefox and flash sideloaded on my Nexus 7. Picture is better and it also lets me use my playlist, something the app doesn't yet support.
Incidentally, almost everything works better through the browser than with the mobile apps, I can even wath the HD iplayer programs that way.
As for ITV, they still don't have a version for Nexus 7 (although I have sideloaded that as well)
Kudos that there is FINALLY an app for 4oD now and I'm sure it will get better with updates over time.