One of the most popular PC benchmarks now available for thousands of different Android devices

3DMark, which has been one of the go-to programs to determine your computer's graphical performance is now available on the Play Store to evaluate phones and tablets as well. The app is nicely designed and gives you more than just the ability to run benchmarks. You can get a nice breakdown of how your device has performed, with metrics on the score, FPS for different areas of the test and details on how the device performed compared to other people with the same device. You also get a full set of leaderboards for the best scores recorded on different devices.

The app is quite a large download at over 280MB, but if you're serious about your benchmarks you'll want to have it at the ready. Grab a download of the first version at the Play Store link above.


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3DMark graphics benchmark app arrives on Android


With all the new phones coming out with decent processors and 2 gb ram, My vzw GNex is starting to feel like my D1 did when the GNex came out. I'm waiting on the Archos TV connect stick that brings android to your TV, but have been seeing other Android sticks for hdtv that have better processors and ram, but Archos will have ICS and can use flash with a 2 in 1 remote with game controller and keyboard.

MK808B from geekbuying is what you want, my friend. 1.6ghz dual core, 4.1 Jellybean, 1gb ram, 8gb rom for less than $50 shipped. Comes factory rooted, so Droidmote works out of the box. Have had mine for a few months and it's awesome!

Somehow until now i never noticed how much this phone looks like the Nokia N900

From the front you can barely even tell a difference.

it suddenly makes me miss having a sweet phone with a slide out keyboard

i wish my Galaxy Note 2 had a slide out keyboard.

Just ran this on my VZW Samsung Note 2 with CM10.1. Got a score of ~3950. My friend with stock AT&T Note 2 got ~3360.

...and yet your friend's Note 2 is more useful because he still has S-pen & Multi-window support.

Benchmark scores mean absolutely nothing.

Multi-window gone = correct

S-Pen gone = false

There is S-Pen functionality in AOSP. The only thing you're losing is integrated apps like the Samsung Gallery which allows you to scrub the timeline for popup previews on video files, or hovering or bookmarks in the browser and seeing full path names etc.

You can still have Air View as far as cursors go, and the Pen still works just as it does on TouchWiz. If you bother to look for the right apps you can actually replace most of the S-Pen features through AOSP.

It's not optimized for tegra devices. Makes me feel happy about my Nexus 4 being among the top 3D gaming devices haha :)