And GM's quiet about it, but the CUE system also supports the Qi charging standard

Update: Cadillac has confirmed to Android Central (and a tip of the hat to Slashgear here) that the wireless charging system we're talking about here also supports the Qi standard, which explains why there's a Nexus 5 in the video. It also explains why it wasn't mentioned in this Powermat-specific press release. Original follows.

Powermat and Cadillac today announced that the 2015 Cadillac ATS (and the 2014 Escalade as well) will have Powermat wireless charging installed when the car launches this fall. That is, you place your phone on a rubber pad, and it charges. No having to plug it in, and you can charge while connected to your car via Bluetooth. Which is nice.

Or, rather, it would be nice. If you actually had a device that used the Powermat standard.

Powermat, as you'll recall, is the wireless charging standard that lost to the Qi charging standard. You can find Powermat charging pads in places like Starbucks and Delta Sky Clubs. You can recognize them quickly — they're quite easy to spot with no phones on top of them.

The few phones that do have wireless charging built into them — for Android that's phones like the Nexus 5, Nexus 4, Nexus 7 tablet, the European LG G3, the HTC Droid DNA on Verizon and a smattering of others — use the Qi charging standard. Same goes for most wireless charging accessories — replacement battery doors and cases — that you can buy for your phone. Qi won. Powermat lost. Plain and simple.

The problem is it keeps scoring partnership deals. AT&T's only offering up Powermat-capable cases for its LG G3. The aforementioned Starbucks and Delta are keeping the dream alive. And now, Cadillac.

Do note that the Nexus 5 being used in this Cadillac/Powermat promotional video uses the Qi wireless charging standard — not Powermat — and that it doesn't appear to have any sort of case installed.

Source: Cadillac; Powermat


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The 2015 Cadillac ATS adds Powermat wireless charging


I think most people feel that powermat partnerships continue to be a waste of time and effort because the only devices that support wireless charging natively are all QI devices.
But your right the battle isn't completely over, if apple for example jumps on powermat (Something I could see them doing, just to screw over other players) the battle is on again.
But short of a apple partnership, powermat is doing really bad with the exception of a few big deals like this, made by clueless executives.

PowerMat = Blackberry
PowerMat Partners = Blackberry Devs

Get the picture?

Posted via the LG G2 Android Central App

No, a smaller offering choice is comparing something like BlackBerry to Android. With Qi and Powermat, Powermat might as well be dead.

Posted via Android Central App

True, but it is a waste of time. I don't know where they get the money from to get these deals, but, it's definitely a huge waste of money.

You may be right that powermat isn't dead, but it should be.

Normally I'm all for consumer having a choice, monopolies suck, but in this case I think consumers are being harmed.

Posted via Android Central App

When things should be dead I don't mind a larger voice like AC declaring it so even if it isn't.

Posted via Android Central App

I was with you on this argument up until you said writers shouldn't include their opinions. I think myself and a vast majority of AC members come here because of the opinions

Posted from the Avengers: Age of Droid Ultra

Yea everybody has their own opinions and that is fine but when they call them as Facts that is where the problem lies.... I Think Powermat is Dead myself but if I wrote an article like this I would NEVER call it dead because it isn't "Dead"

I don't see a reference to it being dead in the article. I see it says it lost to Qi, which it has.

exactly, the article never said it was dead...

I really like where "Powermat didn't "lose" yet but is a smaller offering choice."

except for the fact that when somebody has a smaller offering (or actual people using it) they are losing...
they are losing because if they were winning, they would have the larger offering (or more people using it).

Only a few short-sighted and/or clueless American companies are even making deals with power mat. On a global scale, it's dead. Or to put out more accurately, it lost. Which is what the article said.

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Powermat is just trying to stay alive, and it obviously isn't working. Eventually they will give up, don't worry.

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I asked for and received a powermat setup for my HTC EVO 4G. Once I saw that in addition to the bulkyness of the case/battery that I would need to connect a wire to the USB port, I took it back.

I am all for competing technologies. It drives competition and innovation in most cases.

QI seems to be everywhere and gaining steam. I have a Galaxy S4. All I need to do is add a different battery cover and get a Qi charger and I'm all set.

That door seems excessive and infuriating. I need to charge my phone; let me open the door, put the phone down and close the door. That was MUCH faster and convenient then plugging in a USB cable.

Love wireless charging but that is just non-sense to have it inside of a compartment like that.

Time to get out of the car, lets do it all over again!

Yeah, that whole thing looked ridiculous! Who wants to put their phone where they can't see it or easily pick it up to glance at the screen? I'm sure some people might be okay with that, but who would be NOT okay with having their phone on a wireless charger where they could still see it and pick it up if they want?

And as for Powermat being "dead" or not, well, it doesn't matter how many partners they have - if none of them make phones. If there are no phones that come with Powermat charging receivers and none that have it is an option to add (without occupying the USB port), then for all PRACTICAL purposes, it really is dead. If Apple added Powermat support, that would just be a resurrection.

I was pretty anti-Qi for a long time because of how slow it is compared to plugging in the OEM cable/charger. But, I finally broke down and bought in. It is slow, but it is also dang convenient. A Qi charger with a non-slip rubber ring on the top hard-wired into the center console of my truck and I can just set my phone down and maintain its charger any time I'm driving, even if I'm using Bluetooth and navigation. Yet I can still pick it up any time to read a text message, manually dial a call, etc..

And if I had a waterproof phone like an S5, where there's a door to open just to connect a charging cable, the Qi back would be mandatory! Plus, I gotta say that it's nice knowing that I'll never have to buy another phone-specific charging dock ever again, either. I used to spend $100 - 150 on charging docks every time I bought a new phone. One for the bedside, one for my desk, and one for the center console in my truck.

The reason it's in the console is to deter people like you from reading text while driving. And answering the phone would obviously be done thru BT.

Posted via Android Central App

Agreed, it's a good thing.

I was actually in a taxi yesterday and the driver took a call while driving! I'm not usually the confrontational type but I was all "not cool bro!".

Posted via Android Central App

Lighten up, Alice. I can pick my phone up while I'm sitting at a traffic light and read a text message pretty safely.

And who said anything about answering a phone call?

No you shouldn't, that is still texting and driving. Just pull the hell over off the road. Remember it's a privilege to drive and not a right.

"The world would be so boring without idiots like you to amuse me."

The way you worded that does not imply that. At all. Answering, pick up to call, whatever floats your boat. And people like you reading at the red light is the reason people have to honk their horns when the light turns green cause you too busy reading text.
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Well, with all the lip-moving and finger-tracing, it might take you that long to read a text message, but I can count on one hand the number of times in my life anyone has ever been held up by me at a light.

I don't bother with text while driving. It's never that important. After having people I know in accidents from idiots who text and drive and swerving in my lane cause that text was that important makes me have no remorse for any reason why anyone felt compelled they had to take or send that text. But that's just me. I care about people safety than to care about texting and driving. The fact that even said you count the number of times pretty much proves my point don't you think?
Posted via Android Central App

You think that knowing how many times I've held people up at a stop light makes me a bad driver? I see that your mastery of logic is commensurate with your mastery of grammar.

I never said anything about your driving. You just proved my point. And so now you care about my grammar. Typical. To each their own.

Posted via Android Central App

"people like you reading at the red light is the reason people have to honk their horns when the light turns green "

That's not a commentary on my driving?! Oh. Right. There are those logic skills again.

If you say so. You still proved my point. Have a mint on your way out now.

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Actually, the (unwritten) rule is that you can read a text at a red light, but only if you're NOT the first one in line. I don't do that myself, but the reason I would have a problem with this is because, since I can't actually see the phone, I'd probably end up leaving it in the car half the time.

Most of the GM cars sold now will read your texts to you hands free or display them on the screen if your sitting still. At least both of mine do and they aren't Cadillacs. I can't imagine it not having this functionality.

As well as most settings in your phone Bluetooth to read back incoming text.

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Well, since some people on here have no imagination whatsoever and are unable to expand the example for wanting to see a phone of "read a text" to the larger category of "reasons I want to see my phone while I'm driving", let me just give an additional example:

I use my phone for my navigation while I'm driving. Google Nav might actually even work better than whatever GM offers for a built-in solution. And I don't have to pay a periodic fee to update the maps in Google Nav.. If it's a long trip, I might need to have my phone charging at the same time that I'm using it for navigation. If GM were to put their wireless charging solution somewhere else besides a compartment where you have to close the door to use some of the car's controls, said charging solution might be more useful.

How's that?

And what about those of us who use it for GPS or music as opposed to texting? Two completely reasonable, standard things?

Well if you have Bluetooth I would assume you have controllers that function on the radio. As for GPS, I can understand that. Only for visual. But considering this is a Cadillac, a luxury car, most likely with touch screen, would most likely have on board navigation anyways.

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Bluetooth controls are limited to play, pause, and sometimes next/back. Useless for doing more, like picking an album, changing digital stations, etc.

And in-car navigation systems are crap. I can't imagine anyone who frequents this forum actually would consider using one over what's built into their phones. I know BMW owners who would much, much rather use Waze. The routes are faster, and their real-time traffic avoidance destroys all in-car options.

Technically you shouldn't be fiddling with the GPS while driving either. Set the destination while parked. If you need to change the route, pull over.

My mother got into an accident back in '97 messing with the radio / tapes. I don't think you should be picking tracks while in motion either. I have a couple driving playlists that I start before the car is in motion. Don't tell me you can't do that too.

Death by negligence is the most preventable type of death. Be alert and free from distraction.

"Technically you shouldn't be fiddling with the GPS while driving either. "

What does that have to do with this conversation?!?! The issue is whether you need to be able to SEE it while driving. Not whether you are going to mess with it while driving.

Who said anything about fiddling? Sure would be nice to be able to SEE where I'm doing, wouldn't it?

And I'll ignore the rest of your consternation. People use the radio and fiddle with it all the time. It's a standard of driving that's legal.

Do you really need to do that much with a phone music for it to be in your sight that much? And I don't disagree with you about on board navigation or music. No different than changing radio stations or CDs for those who still do. I'm just interpreting why it's not needed to be in sight for this car. I didn't say it was perfect.

Posted via Android Central App

Please, go back to your IBM 5150 with 256KB of RAM and your black-and-white monitor and leave this modern technology stuff to people who have some idea of how to use it. You can't even imagine a reason why someone would want to be able to see their phone while behind the wheel of their car, much less while driving. You need someone to spoon feed you examples just so you can say "oh, yeah, that one reason is okay." I'm surprised you even have a smartphone. Or maybe that's not even a good assumption for me to make...

Lol what an idiot response. Expected. Of course idiots read text while driving so why should I expect any other asinine response.

Posted via Android Central App

So let me understand this you talk about name calling yet called me Alice. I love your logic of idiocy. Lol. I mean I really could go on how simplified phones has become to where you don't need to look at it for unimportant text. Voice read back and voice to text with Google now. I can understand the fact of navigation being used. It probably would had avoided this entire back and forth. But the first thing you spatter about having a phone out was for texting and calls. Period. So my rebuttal was for your INITIAL reason why you felt compelled to justify your texting and driving, which is dumb by the way. I pointed out the fact that you acknowledged holding up traffic and you again are on the defense. Then you felt compelled to throw out 256MB BS because you know that's all you have left to speak on. Refuge huh.
Posted via Android Central App

It's not necessarily about sight, so much as just being able to quickly change an album, "station," etc. That's a pretty big undertaking with this weird cover. Far more so than just picking up a phone and tapping something. Arguably increases the hazards.

And yes, that imperfection is exactly why I'm saying this implementation is bad. It pretty much works well only for technophobes, who probably didn't even know about wireless charging to begin with.

Yep. Google Nav is way better than the nav built into my '12 Jeep Grand Cherokee. And it's better than either of my non-traffic-enabled Garmins, for city driving. I still prefer the Garmins for longer trips where traffic is not as much of an issue.

I'm still just PO'd that AT&T jumped onboard with PowerMat. Totally hoses my stash of Qi equipment when they don't release any new models with Qi onboard (and no addon cases). Add in the fact that every PMA case adds the bulk of an Otterbox (in at least one direction) to the phone. Grrr...

Just hope that more Qi wireless patches proliferate. I'm with you that now I can't use the chargers I have for my wife's LG G3, but perfectly fine for my Nexus 5 and 7.

Posted on my Nexus 5 via the cooler than cool Android Central App

I read that 1st sentence as
"Powermat and Cadillac today announced that the 2015 Cadillac ATS (and the 2014 Escalade as well) will have Powermat wireless charging installed when the car launches this fail."

I'm betting this is a "leak" for what the new iPhone will support. I would not be surprised.

A) It's different than Android and Apple loves being different for the sake of being different.
B) Accessory manufacturers love Apple, and car manufacturers especially need build this type of stuff well in advance.

It isn't and your reading to much into it.... IPhone have been made of metal now for a few years now and all mockups say it Continues. You can't wireless charge a phone that has a metal back. You can buy cases for iPhones that do support powermat though already

Whatever happened to the universal kind of wireless charger that was bandied about earlier this year, which covers Qi, Powermat and others?

Posted on my Nexus 5 via the cooler than cool Android Central App

I have a feeling Cadillac knows the next iPhone will use Powermat technology and that's why they put it in the new cars...

Posted via Android Central App

Let me guess, Powermat is also the standard for the iPhone isn't it. It wouldn't surprise me. Much of the smartphone world thinks that iPhones are the only smartphone that matters. Oh well, I guess an over-priced car pairs well with an over-priced phone. By the way, that photo of the interior in my opinion is just as ugly as the exterior of that car. Sorry if I have offended any Cadillac owners with that comment, but I just don't see what the appeal of that car is.

No, the current iPhone doesn't have wireless charging.

No current devices support powermat, that's why this is so stupid.

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Yes but the Avalon setup is not very good. There is nothing to contain the phone and the phone often slides out of proper alignment, stopping the charging.

It is great that Toyota thought to add the feature, but it needs some tweaking...

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Has everyone forgotten that GM and AT&T have a partnership to provide data services through Onstar? This makes total sense after you think of it from that perspective.

I'm not an AT&T customer, nor would I buy data for my vehicle when I'm on an unlimited plan anyway, but I'm sure this has something to do with that partnership between companies.

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Well, if they don't have a compatible device, the average Cadillac owner can have a nice padded place to set their dentures.

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I installed the Qi set up in my Ford Explorer, cut the center stack storage pocket, reassembled and placed the factory rubber mat right overtop . Works perfectly. I do feel sorry for some who's batteries are sealed in the phones . That really sucks which is what kept me with Samsung thus far