Ice Cream Sandwich update available in mid-February

Acer Iconia A200

Acer's looking to make a dent in the Android tablet market, having started with the 10-inch Iconia A500 and then with the 7-inch A100. And now it's back in the larger category with the A200 -- and doing so with a price that all but promises sales. The Acer Iconia Tab A200 is a 10.1-inch Android 3.2 tablet (it'll get Ice Cream Sandwich in mid-February) with a 1280x800 resolution, full-size USB port and a Tegra 2 processor. Nothing we haven't seen before. But the $329 price tag is what really has our attention here. Of course, that's the price for the version with only 8GB of storage. The 16GB Iconia A200 will run a whopping ... $349. Somebody here is doing things right, folks. 

We'll expect to get our hands on this puppy next week at CES, and it'll be available starting Jan. 15. Stay tuned.

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10-inch Acer Iconia A200 hits Jan. 15 for $329


They are getting better at pricing but next month when the new iPad 3 comes out, the iPad 2 will be $399.

The 16GB iPad 2 copies will have to be $299 or less not $349.

Acer is still not getting it.

I give them some credit for the pricing. At least they are not pulling a Motorola and charging $599 for a tablet that has 2011's specs.

Any info on screen type? The Transformer Prime's screen is the best so far but the GPS/wifi issues killed it for me :-(

There has never been an issue with the Iconia line's screens. They are bright and crisp even in bright sun.

Asus simply giving up on GPS should be your clue that buying only on screen technology is not so smart.

That being said, the only real problem with the A500 tablets is that the mic volume is really low. The tablet was designed with Honeycomb in mind when Gingerbread was all that was available. In honeycomb the mic volume became un-settable by the end user, and OS went out the door with mic volume set way too low, and no way to change it.

I see the new 200s are retaining all the same ports as the 500s. Those pesky Ports that Android Central has a love hate relationship with.

I agree. The Xoom 2 and Galaxy Tab 10.1 use IPS panels though I do believe. The first Xoom does not though. This Acer tablet is really looking good.

You will get that answer when it is released.

Historically, Acers have been pure Honeycomb experience without any skins, and I don't see them wasting time skinning it for ICS either.

hopefully this means the existing stock of last years Acer Iconia a500s will now be somewhere around $250 instead of the current $350 price tag. At $250 last year's model will sell out just like an ipad 2 at $299. Then Acer will be on the right track

Probably, although earlier hints were for ICS to arrive in mid January.

Acer has usually been quick to produce updates to new versions but slow to roll it out. They send them out to a few thousand tablets (usualy in Australia) and then nothing happens for more than a month. Finally it will start rolling out to US/Canada, as much as 6 to 8 weeks later.

Its almost like they want you to go get a leaked copy and save them the trouble of pushing it while you void your warranty.

WANT! Finally, a NEW Android tablet with the USB host port I want that I can stretch my budget to fit.

Does the on-board storage really matter? I mean, the 1st thing I'm going to do is put an SD card in the thing anyway... With a decent speed card, there shouldn't be an issue, after all... The $20 difference buys me either a 16GB Class 4 SD Micro or for $7 more a Class 10 16G Full sized SD... just depends on the card slot of course on which one I get.

On board storage does matter, because APP2SD is not available on Honeycomb or ICS.

There are some really huge games out there, and there are still lots of apps that refuse to use the MicroSD add-in card for data storage. 8 Gig is not enough for the long haul.

I'm not a gamer, but if I was I'd be in trouble because I already have about 5 gig of apps, and you need a little buffer of free space for upgrades to work properly.

When I picked up the 8GB for $229 at Best Buy, I didn't think it would matter either, as I thought "Throw in a 16GB or 32GB Micro SD and I'll be good to go." But I didn't know that the tablet would treat the external SD card differently than my phone does. It treats the 8gb of advertised internal space as the SD card and the the micro SD slot is treated as "External SD." This means that you can't use App2SD or similar to move your apps to the inserted SD micro card. The External SD is still needed and useful for storing pics, videos, music, etc., and I have a 16GB card in it now.

With the stock ROM I had just under 5GB of space as new, so I still have plenty of space for my apps and games. I'm not going to be a heavy gamer on the tablet so I'm probably good to go at ths point with my media and content on the external SD. Others may have a different opinion based on their needs though.

This confuses me. How is this any better than the A500. Specs look the same. And the A500 has been selling for $229 at Best Buys near me for at least a couple months now.

Yeah i agree with gtg465x other than a redesigned body what's new about this. Plus CNET says it doesn't have a rear facing camera. Now if they were to put a tegra 3 in this at the 350 price range then they might have something.

Dropping the rear camera probably makes sense for an entry level tablet to many people, but I wouldn't want a tablet without one.

I use it for too many things, bar code / QR code scanning, Document capture with CamScanner, and, yeah, pictures.

Click the link at the bottom of the article and go directly to Acer's site and read the title.

Question: Why the hell would anyone go to AC's facebook page instead of just coming to AC?

I applaud the pricing.

But it's really just coming into line with where it should be.

Why should a tablet with a free-to-license OS and fewer components cost more than a netbook with more hardware and an expensive OS like Windows?

Because small size costs money.
Because touch screens cost money.
Because the technology is all new.
Because the price for the OS is not free, it requires a staff of developers to integrate it, vs the $3 to $6 fee that major manufacturers pay to Microsoft for each copy of Windows.

Take your same question and apply it to notebooks.
Why should a notebook cost more than a desktop computer of the same size hard drive, processor, memory and monitor?

But what does it get me that I don't already have with my A500? I don't see anything that says if this is an upgrade, or just an x.1 revision.

I received an Acer A500 for Christmas and took it back because it felt real slick in my hands while holding it making me feel like I might drop it. Furthermore, after trying many different browsers I kept having problems with the A500's screen looking washed out while browsing the net. So I set out to find a replacement reading reviews on all of the available tablets at Best Buy and visiting two different Best Buy stores testing out tablets. At one of those stores I came across this A200 tablet and decided on it because the screen looked better than all the others accept the Sony s. So I asked the salesman for one and he told me they were sold out and this was on the 11th. So I went back to the other Best Buy store and was about to get the Sony when I saw a few Acer boxes up in the cage and figured they must be the A200 so I told the girl I wanted one of the Acer's. To my surprise I was able to purchase an Acer A200 16gig with the charcol colored back without a hitch. The girl kept asking me if I wanted a screen protector or a case and I said no just because I wanted to hurry up and get it before someone told me I would have to wait until the 15th. After having it for a few days I must say I have not had any problems and the aesthetics and ergonomics of this thing are the best I have seen or felt. The rubberized backing feels awesome and the screen has not given me any of the issues that I had on the A500. I really feel like like I chose the best looking and most comfortable to hold 10.1 inch tablet out there. It feels perfect and I think Acer knocked it out of the park with this one despite sacrificing the rear camera and HDMI port. At this price point I really feel like this thing will be a hit and do not even get me started on the A700 that will have a camera, HDMI out and a quad core processor with the same look an feel. I can not wait to get my hands on one of those beast!