ZTE hasn't commented on its upcoming Android Wear device, but signs point to the wearable being unveiled in the next few weeks. Not only has it already passed through the U.S. regulator for certification of its internal 3G radio, but we're seeing more and more proof of its real-world existence.

Android Police has the latest round of information, detailing its metal chassis and rounded face. According to the leak, the watch will be called Quartz (or at least that's what it's being referred to) and will have notches around the bezel to denote every hour — a thoroughly analog consideration for a digital product.

Charging via a cheap-looking plastic dock, the Quartz looks to be running Android Wear 2.0, and will ship with neither NFC capabilities for Android Pay, nor a heart rate monitor. The watch also looks like it was designed in the pre-2.0 era, since it lacks a rotating crown or bezel to aid with scrolling.

So this is definitely falling into the LG Watch Style category over the LG Watch Sport, which should be fine as long as the price reflects those decisions.

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