ZTE's leaked Android Wear watch looks metal and cheap

ZTE hasn't commented on its upcoming Android Wear device, but signs point to the wearable being unveiled in the next few weeks. Not only has it already passed through the U.S. regulator for certification of its internal 3G radio, but we're seeing more and more proof of its real-world existence.

Android Police has the latest round of information, detailing its metal chassis and rounded face. According to the leak, the watch will be called Quartz (or at least that's what it's being referred to) and will have notches around the bezel to denote every hour — a thoroughly analog consideration for a digital product.

Charging via a cheap-looking plastic dock, the Quartz looks to be running Android Wear 2.0, and will ship with neither NFC capabilities for Android Pay, nor a heart rate monitor. The watch also looks like it was designed in the pre-2.0 era, since it lacks a rotating crown or bezel to aid with scrolling.

So this is definitely falling into the LG Watch Style category over the LG Watch Sport, which should be fine as long as the price reflects those decisions.

Daniel Bader

Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • I wish it was below the 42mm case size
  • Can you people stop complaining about the size of everything? This thing looks like it came out of a box of cracker jacks so are you seriously telling me you would buy it if only it was smaller?
  • doesn't look bad to me
  • Looks better than both of LG's watches this year.
  • Can I buy some pot from you?
  • Roflmao!
  • I don't get it - the most popular Android Wear offering so far has been the original Huawei Watch. Sure the price tag was high, but somehow the manufacturers (including Huawei) took the calls for "more affordable wearables" to mean channeling a $40 plastic wal mart watch with their designs.
  • No thanks.
  • Lol. I'm looking at a frontier or zenwatch 3
  • Frontier man.....Frontier!
  • i am a big fan of my S3 Frontier
  • So am i. As a driver, it has come in handy on more occasions than i can count! And it looks great too!
  • ZW3
  • As an Axon 7 owner I'm hoping this isn't a final product running 2.0 no NFC or heart monitor? I'm assuming not and hoping to have a nice flagship timepiece
  • It better be sub $100 with this design and feature set.
  • I don't think it looks too bad, but weird name. Quartz watches (aside from the rare cases where ultimate accuracy is the main selling point) are not desirable and are sold mainly because they're far cheaper to buy. Why name your product after that? Odd decision.
  • Quartz is used for accurate frequency for analog devices to keep time. Using quartz to describe anything digital is a misnomer.
  • Doesn't change what I said tho. :\
  • Wasn't trying to debunk you or anything. Just stating that any digital watch maker like zte, samsung, or anyone the like using quartz in the name, means absolutely nothing.
  • for $49.99 can't beat it
  • Looks like a power ranger watch. Lol
  • Cool... Looks nice to me, although bezel diameter will need to be 44-46 mm to really get my attention... Like the gen 2 moto.
  • Price should be $39.99