Updated July 13, 2018: It's official! Just a day after ZTE signed its agreement with the DOC, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced that the ban on ZTE has officially been lifted. The past three months have undoubtedly put a damper on ZTE, but at least it's finally done with this massive setback.


ZTE's woes in the U.S. are about to come to a close. The Chinese telecommunications giant has signed an agreement with the Department of Commerce that will lift the export ban — which will allow ZTE to do business with American suppliers like Qualcomm. ZTE was issued a denial order in April after it was revealed that the manufacturer violated sanctions against North Korea and Iran.

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ZTE is now required to complete a $400 million escrow payment, following which the ban will be lifted:

The three-month saga is estimated to have cost ZTE upwards of $3 billion, according to Bloomberg. The company had to appoint a new chairman and replace its senior management, and while the export ban is set to be lifted, ZTE could face further penalties from the U.S. Senate.