Zombies to invade Plague Inc. in coming update

Ndemic has shown off a bit of the cool update we talked about late last year for everyone's favorite apocalyptic game Plague, Inc. The Necroa Virus update, tentatively slated for February brings a new style of play to the game, where you can branch out and reanimate the dead as a zombie like horde. 

The Necroa Virus is unclassified and unlike any other virus known to man. Early analysis shows that it has extreme regenerative abilities combined with aggressive metabolic demands but the majority of its genetic structure is a mystery

The update will cost $1.99, but you get what looks like a lot of bang for your buck(s). Along with the new name and zombie minions comes new gameplay where humanity fights back, and new abilities that can target specific countries and areas. Of course there is more, and the update also brings new events and achievements, more languages (French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish), some UI changes and the ubiquitous performance tweaks. 

We can't wait to see what Ndemic brings to the table. Hit the break for a few screenshots, and grab Plague, Inc from the link above if you haven't tried it yet.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • Most addicting game I've played for a long time. Looking forward to the update.
  • seriously it is lol. i have heard about this game for awhile but never played it. my friend showed me yesterday and i installed it on my N4. i got my brother to install it too and we were talking what the best strategy would be. kinda scary when you think about it but its alot of fun
  • High transmission rates with low symptoms seems prudent. Also, Greenland can be tough to infect because of the climate and basically only one way in.
  • Agreed. It's absolutely infectious.
  • perfect example of simple idea done right, this game is great.
  • I love this game, but all these dang in-app purchases are ridiculous. I hope the bowels of whomever invented in-app payments are blocked for years. Can't I just pay upfront and play the game?!
  • You have the option to just buy the game and expansions directly off the Play Store. There is the convenience factor that if you want to play without paying for it up front, just to see if it is worth it, you can do that from within the game if you choose.
  • Pretty giddy about this. One of my favorite games on Android.
  • am i understanding this right? even if you've bought the game previously you'll have to pay another $1.99 for the update?
  • That's what it sounds like. Smells like BS to me.
  • It's really a DLC, not an update.
  • You had the option of playing it through without paying. That's what I did and I got everything unlocked.... for free. Took me a few weeks of playing, but it was well worth it. Such a great game. I will gladly pay for this update.
  • About time. I haven't played it in months because I've beat it and done all one can do. Really boring now.
  • These developers sure know how to suck more money out of their customers. I sure wont be encouraging this behavior, i already paid once, but they only want more and more.
  • If they give it for free like they did nuerax when you beat it all in brutal that would be acceptable. But yes I'm sick of these pay as you play games.
  • Some of you people are pathetic. It's one thing to expect bugs to be fixed and general application improvements to be rolled into a stable product free of extra charge. It's a completely different thing to expect brand new content that is the product of many thousands of dollars of resources to create to just be handed to you. You know, they could have simply released it a Plague 2, and none of your other unlocks would carry forward either. But instead, they choose to release it as an expansion, and you bemoan that whopping $1.99 probably because you might have to forego you're fat free macchiato tomorrow to cover it. Meanwhile, they can continue to pay their developers and create even more awesome stuff your you to complain about. The bottom line is, this is not pay to play, it is pay to get new content. These guys were extremely generous in how they chose to deploy this game. If you really can't see that, please crawl back to your mother's basement. $1.99 is chump change.
  • Well Said.
  • The Mutation 1.5 update will cost $1.99, or will be free if you have beaten all the other levels on brutal, including the previous update's Neurax Worm http://www.shacknews.com/article/77559/zombies-coming-to-plague-inc-in-f... :)