Zenith VR unveils new cyber ninja class, teases player housing and more

Zenith Cyber Ninja Art
Zenith Cyber Ninja Art (Image credit: RamenVR)

What you need to know

  • The new Cyber Ninja class coming soon to Zenith: The Last City will give players the ability to blend melee and ranged attacks with a new stealth element.
  • The Cyber Ninja class will debut sometime in 2022 along with player housing, new life and crafting skills, and several end game additions.
  • A big February update will include a new armor tier, reworked main quests for starting players, and several other community-requested improvements.

RamenVR took the mystery out of the third class in Zenith: The Last City as it unveiled the Cyber Ninja alongside its 2022 roadmap. The Cyber Ninja class, which you'll find a sketch of above, is precisely what you might imagine when you hear it; a master of stealth, precision, and agility with a little bit of magic thrown in for good measure. Currently, players can choose between the melee-focused Blademaster class or the ranged Essence Mage

Cyber Ninja players will swap between a bow and a katana, depending on how far away from enemies they find themselves, giving players the option to combine both currently-available classes into one new and unique class. Additionally, the Cyber Ninja class is set to debut a new type of traversal mechanic: the hookshot. Fans of the Legend of Zelda will no doubt recall how useful a hookshot can be.

RamenVR says it wants players to be able to experience a brand new way to move in the game, but it's not just for quickly scaling mountains or other buildings. The hookshot can also be used to get immediately closer to an enemy, drop an explosive ninja gadget, then hookshot back to safety.

This new class is set to debut sometime in 2022 alongside a series of other improvements. Zenith: The Last City debuted on the Oculus Quest, Rift, SteamVR, and PlayStation VR platforms this past week and quickly rocketed itself onto our list of best Quest games thanks to its innovative structure, excellent made-for-VR mechanics, and being an MMO without a monthly fee.

Zenith The Last City Screenshot

Source: RamenVR (Image credit: Source: RamenVR)

It quickly became a best seller after launch and has enjoyed a large player base; an important trait for any MMO.

The first big update for Zenith is coming this month and will include a notable number of improvements, including better animations for NPCs, 23 new side quests, a reworked main quest mission structure for folks just starting the game out, a new armor tier, and several more additions.

Beyond that, players can expect several additional updates to land throughout 2022. including the availability of the Cyber Ninja class, more end game content, additional life skils and crafting skills, and, finally, player housing. This last part is particularly fascinating as it's not often an undertaking in an MMORPG.

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