Zen Pinball THD now available in the Market for Tegra devices, and it's free

If you're using a phone or tablet with a Tegra chip inside it, you'll want to check out Zen Pinball THD, which hit the Android Market today.  It's a great game, using advanced physics for ball movement, has great tables included -- Marvel's Fantastic Four table is really, really, cool -- and includes multiplayer mode.  All for free.  To top it off, it's even OpenFeint-enabled for those who like a bit of competition in their mobile gaming.  We've been fooling with the press demos, and it's a very well done piece of work.  Gameplay is fast, realistic, and beautiful.  Any pinball fan or mobile gamer should enjoy this one, and with the free price tag there's no reason not to try it.  Hit the break for the download link and the gameplay trailer.

Youtube link for mobile viewing

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • How the hell do they release this without Galaxy Tab support?
  • Downloaded this last night on my Tab 10.1 and it is awesome. Fruit Ninja THD also has a free version I saw. I'm not sure if that is new.
  • How did you get it. When I hit it up on the market it tells me unsupported.
  • I noticed it was free on the Tegra Zone app and was re-directed to the Android Market from there. Maybe try that. I just went to the Android Market in Chrome and it does in fact say that none of my devices are compatible even though the blue download button reads "installed". Very strange. Maybe they updated it and forgot to add the proper device requirements? Just remember to check it everyday, this should be fixed soon. I don't think it matters but I am running Galaxy Task v6.3 http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1340064
  • Running that exact ROM (Good isnt it :)) I am thinking they updated and screwed up the compat requirements. Oh well. I imagine they will fix it shortly
  • chainfire 3d here i come...
  • From Zen's forums: "We're having an issue with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 specifically. Hopefully it will be resolved tomorrow-ish."
  • >"has great tables included -- Marvel's Fantastic Four table is really, really, cool -- and includes multiplayer mode. All for free." I should point out that this is incorrect. It has ONE table included for free, and that is only Sorcerer's Lair. The other tables, like Wolverine and Fantastic Four must be purchased @ $2 each.
  • Not compatible with the Captivate Glide. :(
  • Looks like QR and market web links aren't exactly working for me...
  • The link didn't work for me either. Can someone post what they put in the Android Market to get this game? I'm trying to get it for my Samsung Galaxy S II.
  • The SGSII isn't a Tegra device therefore you don't see it the market because it's not compatible with your device.
  • Install Chainfire 3d and you can run any of the tegra exclusive games on devices like the GSII... it works.
  • I really dislike "Tegra-exclusive". It's like they want to prove all the iPhone fanboys who cry "Fragmentation!" right, and there's no reason for devs to do this.
  • Unless using the smoking hot gpu in the Tegra devices counts as a reason. Now why my Tegra device doesn't get access some of the xperia play games... that one doesn't make sense.
  • Amazing graphics in this game. Wow.
  • This makes me want to buy a Prime. Once Android comes out with a handful more of these top notch tablet games, I am going to have to pick one up. I can't wait for these to take over the console market.
  • Great game. Working well on my Galaxy Tab 8.9
  • I can't find it in the market, the QR code doesn't work, and the URL doesn't work, either. Guess it's been pulled from the market...? /Kevin
  • It was pulled from the market last night but is back today, I downloaded it and it works on my Tab 10.1 Amazing graphics and game play too.
  • Agreed, neither works....but you can find it manually
  • Is it just me or does the QR code go no where and the android market link not work at all??
  • found it manually....no worries...