Disney Plus no longer down in Europe after outage

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Let's get back to the magic (Image credit: Ara Wagoner / Android Central)

Update, October 20 (09:00 am ET): The outage was only three hours long and Disney+ is now back

What you need to know

  • Numerous users in Europe are having issues accessing Disney+ right now.
  • Users in the United States don't seem to be having problems, but those in the EU trying to browse the app or watch their fav Disney movies are getting Error 83, which in this case indicates a service outage.
  • Outages like these are usually settled in a few hours, but in the meantime, bust out the old Disney VHS tapes and kick it old school!

Disney Plus is gearing up for a busy fall and winter as we're now less than two weeks from The Mandalorian Season 2, but its support teams are currently working to resolve outages in Europe. Numerous reports of Error 83 and difficulties reaching the Disney+ app and website are coming in from across the European Union both on social media and on DownDetector.

Disney Plus Outage

Source: DownDetector (Image credit: Source: DownDetector)

The outage seems to be impacting Europe primarily — reports from North America and Asia are low — but users are mostly reporting seeing Error 83 or having issues getting DisneyPlus.com to load on their account. With this kind of outage, your best course of action is either to watch content you've downloaded previously or to simply go to bed and try again in the morning, since it's late into the evening in Europe.

These are the times that it pays to keep some favorite films and episodes downloaded on your phone or tablet. While service outages aren't common for Disney+, it doesn't take much time or space to download a few videos that you can turn to when your internet goes out — or Disney's servers overload, as it seems to be doing right now.

Update, October 20 (9:00 am ET) — It's back

The outage was mercifully only a few hours long (roughly three), and Disney+ access has been restored for all. There are still some complaints here and there on Down Detector, but no more than the usual background issues all services suffer from.

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