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YouMail yanked from Android Market, points finger at T-Mobile

The beloved visual voicemail app YouMail has been pulled from the Android Market, which eplains the big "URL was not found" that sits in the place where the app formerly occupied. Rather than rolling over and accepting defeat, YouMail developers shot back, claiming that Google pulled the app without warning due to a complaint filed by T-Mobile. It appears that T-Mobile cried foul, saying that YouMail was causing network disruption, a claim that the YouMail team adamantly denies on its blog. You can read YouMail's passionate response at the source link below, but until all three parties make nice, you'll have to download YouMail straight from the horse's mouth, or at the Amazon Appstore.

Source: YouMail (opens in new tab)

  • Everyone likes to rag on Amazon app store but I've no issues with it. Can be easily installed on any device and since being burned at least once with google pulling apps I buy from Amazon. Also, carriers aren't involved in what's allowed and what's not allowed on your device.
  • Yep, I like it. I can have all the apps I bought on both me and my wife's phone and not have to buy them multiple times. I just log into my Amazon account on her phone. This leaves her able to use whatever email she wants. Pretty nice. Will be real nice if we start adding tablets at some point.
  • I have to agree with you. Amazon is far more reliable and they never allow carrier politics to get in the way. The FREE APP OF THE DAY is a charm and their updates are frequent and on point. YOU MAIL is a great app and I love the fact that I can delete a message without even listening to it. The Android Market is making a serious mistake.
  • #correction "adamantly"
  • Well, spelling "liberties" might be a genetic thing given his name..
  • My initial guess was because YouMail is extremely buggy, look at their forums sometime. They chime in on things but never really address the issue. When it works, it's amazing, but it hardly ever did even when I tried it on various phones and on three different carriers.
  • If I complain to Google about an app will they pull it without warning while the issue is looked into? Google is being a real carrier's bitch lately.
  • Probably. Such a great system they have going, eh?
  • Interestingly, Better Youmail, a third-party app that many people, including me, think works better than the official app, is still there. I'm not taking sides in this, but I can't really see why T-Mobile would have an interest in killing off Youmail. If they'd wanted to do that, then why leave the Better Youmail app alone? Is it possible that Youmail's official app is actually causing problems on their network?
  • Youmail works by setting your Voicemail number to their servers, which you can do on any GSM compliant carrier via a dialing sequence. But it goes a step further and mines your address book so that it has names for all your callers. If it goes wonky, it could easily cause disruption. Google Voice for the win. It seems to always work.
  • Actually, it can also pull data from the Caller ID name database. Whether it gets the name info from there or your contacts is a setting that you can change.
  • Being an Android App Developer has all the financial stability of a drug dealer. The money can be great, but in a fleeting moment, it can all be over, and no one will help you get it running again. I bet they had no kind of warning this was going to happen to them. And seriously T-Mobile? Blame the app for the traffic it's generating. GTFO with that. You're throttling everyone's data after a certain amount as it is.
  • Would this explain why the app wouldn't refresh on my phone last night, and I had to log into my account online to retrieve my voicemails?
  • YouMail has been ripped from the Android market despite of millions users and downloads. Google claims that the application was taken at the request of T-Mobile; YouMail claims they were never advised of the inherent problem. This could end up causing a legal battle. glad that there still amazon to be able to download the application.