You won't believe what happens in this #CESlive wrap-up video!

OK, maybe you will believe it. Maybe you stuck with us through all four days of #CESlive coverage last week from Las Vegas (to say nothing of the work we put in before the show even started). Maybe you hung on every word John P and Cali Lewis had to say from the each of the 80 or so interviews we did from the Mobile Nations/GeekBeat booth in South Hall. Maybe you even stuck around until as long as we did, long after the CEA's Gary Shapiro helped us pop the cork on the Prosecco and toast to a successful week.

So maybe you'll believe all that.

Anyhoo. It was a great reminder of a great week that was, of all the great people we met, of all the great interviews we ... interviewed — and of how much more awesome we're going to make it next year.

As always, thanks for coming along for the ride with us. See y'all at CES 2015.

Phil Nickinson