Testing Froyo on the Evo 4G

This is another one of those times when we say you might well want to leave this to the professionals (or at least those of us too crazy to know better), but here's Froyo running on the Evo 4G. It's not the first time we've seen it, and it's still not an official build. It's not sanctioned by Sprint, HTC, Google, your principal or anybody else. And some things don't work, like 4G data, the cameras, MMS, and tethering (and it looks like it's still trying to roam on me). But it's Android 2.2. On the Evo 4G. And we just had to try it out.

We've got video after the break where we benchmark this port against Froyo on the Nexus One and Android 2.1 on the Motorola Droid. (Just like our previous test.) And it's all brought to you by the root and recovery of the Evo 4G, some quick cooking at Geek for Me, and your pals at Android Central. [Geek for Me via XDA Developers]

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Phil Nickinson
  • Cool!
  • The "dungeon passage" test looked great on the Droid. Easily the best of the three. Everything else... Evo and Nexus look great. Can't wait for a true Froyo rom on the Evo.
  • So if we root and install Froyo, we wont be able to use 4G and the other options you stated?
  • B!tchin!
  • awesome =)) meh droid looks old and bad in this clip xD
  • shouldnt the Incredible have replaced the droid in your "holy trinity" of devices?
  • Droid = best selling Android device ever, right? The experienced veteran. The Nexus One is the "official" Google phone, and the Evo is latest and greatest. Sounds like a pretty good group of phones. Incredible would pretty much be an Evo duplicate.
  • Agreed
  • yes, the DROID is slow, but the 3D graphic benchmakr part looks a lot smoother than on the other both ;)
  • Yeah, if you notice, the 3d benchmarking on the Droid is better than it is on the other two. You could see some skips here and there on the Evo and N1.
    However, Droid ran the 3d tests smoothly. Also, the Incredible running 2.1 beside the Evo could let us see the increase in speed from 2.1 to 2.2.
  • Cool! I hope they push Froyo to the Evo soon after launch! I know I know dont expect it real soon, but 60 to 90 days after launch would be great
  • love the music you use. i cant wait till tomorrow it will be in my hads like putty at 8 30am.
  • Whoa, I think I just JIT my pants!! See what I did there, ya see??
  • damn, u can really notice the beautiful LED screen on the N1 when put up against the Evo and the Droid (which btw, idk why you are using the Droid, when the Incredible is there....reason??) but damn, the Evo's screen just makes the N1 and Droid soooo tiny! lol.... i love my N1, wouldnt trade it for anything in the world, and of course there's the exclusivity with Google which is the biggest thing for me!! however...if the Evo and the N1 were switched, i would get the Evo! lol! even though i HATE Sense!
  • nice thing tho you can turn the sense off on the EVO
  • What is that unlock screen that Phil uses? I don't have an Android phone yet (tomorrow morning), and I like the unlock screen in this video more than the standard. Any help is appreciated!