You probably can't guess which Google I/O topic most excited the majority of Android Central readers

Google Io 2021 Keynote Wear Os Samsung
Google Io 2021 Keynote Wear Os Samsung (Image credit: Google)

What you need to know

  • Android Central readers recently answered a poll regarding the Google I/O 2021 topics they were most excited about.
  • Just under 50% responded that their favorite announcements were about the forthcoming updates to Wear OS.
  • Nearly 10% fewer respondents replied that they were most excited about Android 12 new design direction and privacy controls.

Last weekend, we asked our readers, "What was your favorite Google I/O announcement?" Respondents were asked to choose between updates to Wear OS and the new Google/Samsung partnership, updates to Android 12 and the beta release, privacy and security announcements, and advancements in Google AI.

Nearly 50% of respondents said they were excited about the new Wear OS announcements and how they might impact the future of the best Android smartwatches. In comparison, just under 40% said they were looking forward to the new look and privacy features in Android 12. Fewer than 10% said that the privacy and security updates to photos and passwords piqued their interests, and under 5% indicated an interest in Google's AI advancements such as LaMDA and Project Starline.

Regarding the Google/Samsung smartwatch partnership, reader "Aweso" expressed what many have long felt about Android wearables — that Samsung just gets it:

Samsung coming to teach Google how it's done.

Even though the poll responses skewed towards intereste in Wear OS, many of the comments and other feedback that we received were about the second-place finisher, Android 12. Reader "beno51089" had this to say:

Android 12 and its Material You themes. Nothing else comes close for me...

Similar views were shared with us on Twitter:

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While this poll has closed, be sure to keep an eye out for our next poll and share your feedback with us.

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