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You can now get your Periscope broadcast started right from Twitter's app

People can now launch live broadcasts on Twitter-owned Periscope directly from the Twitter mobile app on Android and iOS. Doing so is as simple as heading to the compose screen, tapping the camera icon, and selecting the Live option.

From Twitter:

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Once you tap the button, you'll be taken directly to the Periscope app's live broadcast screen, where you'll be asked to title your broadcast and actually initiate the stream itself. Previously, you'd need to head to the Periscope app in order to start a stream.

  • Too bad I don't use the official app because I hate the 140 character limit. So I'll keep using the app that gives me unlimited characters! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Kept getting loads of fake, porn and spam followers on Periscope so I deleted my account and removed the app Posted via the Android Central App
  • I might be interested if a GoPro would be able to stream via my Note5. Then I would mount the camera to the front of my bike and show everyone the crazy group rides we have.