You can finally turn the lights out on Twitter for Android

Dark mode on the Twitter app
Dark mode on the Twitter app (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Twitter already had a dark mode, which featured a dark blue background across the app.
  • 'Lights Out' mode makes things darker by adding an option for a truly black tone.
  • Your OLED-equipped smartphone should see a bump in battery life.

After pushing its new dark mode to alpha users late last week, Twitter has finally made the new UI experience available to all users on Android. While that was an impressive turnaround indeed, the feature has been available on the company's iOS app for more than seven months, and its release is more than a month late compared to earlier promises.

As a tweet from the social media giant shows, the company has been listening to users' requests for the 'Lights Out' mode on Android, and it's finally delivering. You can now try it yourself by pulling out the hamburger menu from the left edge and clicking on the light bulb button to switch between light and dark modes.

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The older 'dark mode' is still there, though, and you can specify which of the two you'd like to use in the app's settings. You can also use an automatic switcher, according to the app's release notes on the Play Store. If you go with the 'Lights Out' mode, though, not only will the new color template be easier on your eyes at night, but it will also help improve battery life on OLED screens, as truly dark areas of the screen are turned off with the newer display tech.

You should be able to see the updated version of the app rolling out on the Play Store now.

Muhammad Jarir Kanji
  • Mine updated 30 minutes ago and I see no such setting
  • Mine updated too and I don't see that mode either
  • You should see a new "dark mode appearance" setting. You have to dig into the settings , not just the light bulb icon.
  • maybe it's server side update. yet to get it on my device
  • I looked under "display and sound" nothing there. Just three options for dark mode... On Off and Automatic
  • It finally showed up although there were no later app updates. Really weird.