Could the LG V30 be its best-ever flagship phone? There's a good shout for it, and part of that comes down to its cameras. LG is making a big deal about the primary shooter in particular: a 16MP sensor with improved optics and an industry-leading f/1.6 aperture. With all of that focus on the camera, somewhere along the way a rumor has started that LG is lying about the aperture, claiming that it is actually f/1.7 — a number offered by other smartphones.

This just isn't true.

LG V30

As is so often the case, the first handful of phones to hit the hands of the press — and be on display at trade shows like IFA 2017 — have non-final pre-production software, and sometimes even pre-production hardware. That software often has bugs, and that's precisely what we're looking at here: camera software that is unintentionally reporting the wrong aperture in the EXIF data of the pictures.

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An LG spokesperson has confirmed to Android Central that the V30's main camera is, indeed, shooting at f/1.6 despite the software bug on some evaluation phones that shows otherwise. One of the LG V30s Android Central is currently using — a European unit — is actually properly displaying f/1.6 on photos as well.

LG V30 LG V30This is what happens with pre-production software, folks.

Given the imaging-focused marketing approach around the V30, which specifically touts the uniqueness of the f/1.6 aperture, I don't quite understand why LG would ever lie about something so blatantly. And so, of course, it isn't lying about it at all. Carry on, folks — the V30's camera has the hardware LG says it does, and now we can move on to evaluating its actual photo performance.

LG V30 + V30S ThinQ


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