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Xperia Arc camera improvements showcased

In its latest product blog post, Sony Ericsson shows off some of the new camera features to be found in its upcoming Xperia Arc. Sony's Rikard Skogberg gives a video walkthrough of the camera app in the Gingerbread-powered phone, introducing its new Exmor R back-illuminated sensor technology. This, together with the Arc's f/2.4 aperture value, is designed to improve the quality of pictures taken in low-light environments.

Later, in a final Inception-like twist, Skogberg reveals that the video itself is being recorded on a second Xperia Arc, showcasing the device's HD video recording capabilities. Check out the video for yourself after the jump. [Sony Ericsson Product Blog]

Alex Dobie
Alex Dobie

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • I really think this phone has great hardware. Too bad I would never trust Sony Ericsson to update it
  • Double post, sorry
  • @stopsign, you should double post what you said. It needs to be said twice! LOL
  • why people do that "@" stuff when there is CLEARLY a REPLY BUTTON
  • I feel so sorry for early Adopters of Xperia phones - No Multitouch a dreadful upgrades path. Sony really need to up their game or be bushed out by the likes of HTC Samsung and LG - hell even Moto has turned their phone division in to a thriving innovative company on the back of its investment in ANDROID. If Sony had hoped to do the same thing it needs to produce some astounding products, Get with it on Software support even if that means stripping out all the Android fluff they insist on clogging the interface up with
  • For me, the biggest barrier to buying this thing would be knowing how difficult Xperia phones are to root. At least with most other phones you have the insurance policy of being able to install Cyanogen or something if the stock UI turns out to be crap, or if your carrier is slow to push updates out.
  • curious if it offers a zoom option..
  • @I_Am_Incredible, habit from another forum Mr critic! You could always address me directly instead of complaining to the whole board.
  • When and who will carry in the US is all I want to know, looks good.
  • I really like the looks of this phone and the dedicated camera button is great, too bad it won't be available on Sprint.
  • But its probably powered by a Qualcomm processor. So why would you want it? Has the weakest GPU in the market and its power drain is huge. From my experience HTC phones have the worst battery life of any android lineup and all HTC phones have one thing in common: Qualcomm processors. You want a dedicated camera button? Get an Epic, it has it. If not, wait until the next Sammy device is released on sprint as it will surely be very powerful. Although the LG options are looking mighty good right now as well.
  • I haven't been impressed with Sony in a LOOONG time now. Last SE phones I owned were the W600i and W800i, both good phones in their own right. But that was long before the smartphone craze. If SE can bring things back from the grave this just may be my next phone! Now give us more details and most importantly a release date & carrier. My Droid Inc is begging to be retired :)
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