Xiaomi demos 100W charging tech that charges your phone in just 17 minutes

Xiaomi's 100W fast charging tech
Xiaomi's 100W fast charging tech (Image credit: Venkatesh Gorantla on Youtube)

If there's one feature that allowed Xiaomi to rise to prominence over the last three years, it's battery tech. The Chinese brand was one of the first to offer 4000mAh batteries on most of its devices, and while it wasn't the best at fast charging, that's changing in 2019. Xiaomi introduced a 20W wireless charger with the Mi 9 earlier this year, and now the company is showing off an insane 100W wired charger.

In a video shared on Weibo, Xiaomi chairman Lin Bin showed off the 100W charger in action, which was able to top up a 4000mAh battery from flat to 100% in just 17 minutes. That's significantly faster than anything OPPO and Huawei can muster, with both Super VOOC and Huawei SuperCharge taking up over an hour to fully charge a 4000mAh battery.

In fact, the video shows as much, with Xiaomi's tech charging the battery up to 100% in 17 minutes, while OPPO's Super VOOC goes up to 65% on a 3700mAh battery.

As spotted by The Next Web, Xiaomi's charging technology will soon go into mass production, with the Redmi line getting first dibs. There's no timeline for when we'll see a Redmi phone with 100W charging, but Xiaomi doesn't usually wait around to bring its latest tech to the masses.

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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